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Aug. 10, 2002, Version 30 (Mb).
Still the best there is, as you will see and confirm!

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AsterPro includes my Research Papers & Published Articles, SCAM Alerts, and several Books, yet another reason to download AsterPro!

About the Latest AsterPro (Aug. 10, 2002)
Competition: $4,500
Matrix and Astrolabe are the biggest names in astrology software, though some of their components are based on dubious theory (e.g., Progressions that assume Day = Year). You obtain their software first by paying an inconspicuous $295 or so for a Shell program that does the computations but offers no reports. THEN you start paying, dearly! They offer a list of some 16 report-writing add-on's, EACH priced at about $300, inluding some invented ones like their "Women-Talk" (next perhaps "Child-Talk" for another $300...) Their total price is about $4,500.
AsterPro: FREE
3 Databases, 2 used by the Research Module; Longitude & Latitude files for 3,278 localities around the world (2,778 in USA); Full Reports (e.g, Natal is about 55 pages) & Charts for Natal, Compatibility, Relocation, Regular, Mundane, and Ebertin Transits, same with Progressions (we prefer Transits), Horary (Timed) Transits, Biorhythm, Local Space, Dating Service, Numerology, for a total 19 full reports, and even a Financial Module...PLUS 16 more (including Pattern Analysis, etc.) by the Research Module, AND the new "Eternal" Natal & Compatibility.
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See Readme file in each zip!

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Installation (Save this Page!)
1) Download the Zip to Desktop, unzip, see the ReadMe.txt.
2) Move asterpro.exe to the Root of Drive C and click on it to have it self-install in Aster.Pro folder.
3) An icon for AsterPro Start-up will be on DeskTop. Click on icon to connect to the Command Center; use the Function & Pg-Down keys.
4) Press F3 to read/print the latest info; F2 for the Library; F1 to start AsterPro. Enjoy, eternally . . .
5) Reports are all text files in
Click to open them in Notepad.