Sirman's List of 50 all-time Celebrity Beauties by Sun-Sign & Chart
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FOREWORD. This attempt by me to select the all-time most beautiful women was an almost impossible task, nothing less than selecting the most beautiful living works of art. I reviewed 100s of names and photos, mostly movie stars and models (and a few beauty queens and centerfolds) whom one can see again and again as they once were, from Adele Mara to Zsa Zsa Gabor, going as far back as Isadora Duncan. I reduced the number to 175 women, then began a meticulous screening process to select the first 50, then the runner-up 50. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and there is subjectivity involved. So I tried to minimize my own biases: 1) I differentiated between real 'womanly' beauty (e.g., Ava Gardner) versus 'cute' beauty (e.g., Audrey Hepburn), and images that jump at you by pure sex appeal (e.g., Mariah Carey). 2) The face has always been the main focus of beauty and the gate to the soul, helped by the hair style, eyes, lips, and the natural expression on the face. I did not use the body as a criterion, for all of these beauties are already endowed with exquisite figures. 3) As Important, I also tried to take into account the 'aura' emanating from the person. This is why, for example, I selected Anna Kournikova in the top 50, but assigned the also very pretty Britney Spears to the runner-up 50 group, because, I felt, Britney has a 'bland' expression--ditto Brooke Shields--a common element in many of the modern (especially American) women. 4) Similarly, I made a choice between similar types of women, as for example Jennifer Beals (1st group) versus Jessica Alba. 5) Also note that none of the photos display the turn-on/off commercial smile so popular in USA. Suffice it to state that I included many nuances in my deliberations and then made my choices. Alas, I could not always find the best photos of the women I picked. Take these factors into consideration and then enjoy. Overall, you might note that the women in the 1st group are more unique in their beauty in some way, perhaps also in the way they project it. Read also the EPILOG at the end of the Runners-up page.

APR 19, 1933, 09:00:00 AM EST, +05:00, 075W19', 40N01', BRYN MAWR, PA
ARIES: jayne_mansfield
APR 15, 1938, 06:30:00 AM CET, -01:00, 010E11', 36N48', TUNIS, ITAL.
ARIES: claudia_cardinale
APR 21, 1930, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM, -01:00, 012E29', 41N54', Rome, Italy
TAURUS: silvana_mangano *
MAY 16, 1970, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM, +4:00, 58W27', 34S36', Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
TAURUS: gabriela_sabatini *
JUN 21, 1921, 06:15 AM CST, +06:00, 094W53', 47N28', Bemidji, MN
GEMINI: jane_russell
JUN 01, 1926, 09:30:00 AM PST, -08:00, 118W15', 34N04', LOS ANGELES, CA
GEMINI: marilyn_monroe
MAY 23, 1933, 07:00:00 AM GMD, -01:00, 000W10', 51N30', London, ENG
GEMINI: joan_collins
JUN 20, 1934, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM, -01:00, 013E11', 32N54', Tripoli, LIBYA
GEMINI: rossana_podesta *
MAY 25, 1945, 10:40 PM, -01:00, (009E11', 48N46', Erected for Stuttgart, GERMANY
GEMINI: priscilla_presley
JUN 10, 1963, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM CST, +06:00, 095W55', 36N10', Tulsa, OK
GEMINI: jeanne_tripplehorn *
Jun.20,1967, Tm=?, Honolulu, HI
GEMINI: nicole_kidman *
JUN 07, 1981, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM, -03:00-1 (DST), 037E35', 55N45', Moscow, RUS
GEMINI: anna_kournikova *
Jul.20,1938, Tm=?, London, UK
CANCER: diana_rigg *
Jul.20,1938, Tm=?, 122W25,37N47
CANCER: natalie_wood *
Aug.10,1923, Tm=?, Hollywood, CA
LEO: rhonda_fleming *
Aug.11,1928, Tm=?, Minneapolis, MN
LEO: arlene_dahl *
Jul.28,1929, 14:18 EDT 072W23,40N53
LEO: jacqueline_onassis
JUL 26, 1956, 09:18 PM CST, +06:00, 087W39', 41N52', CHICAGO, IL
LEO: dorothy_hamill
JUL 24, 1970, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM EST, +05:00, 074W00', 40N43', New York, NY
LEO: jennifer_lopez *
SEP 20, 1934, 02:10 PM CET, -01:00, 012E29, 41N54, ROME, IT
VIRGO: sophia_loren
SEP 23, 1938, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM, -01:00, 016E20', 48N13', Vienna, AUSTRIA - Died by cardiac arrest in Paris on May 29, 1982
VIRGO: romy_schneider *
SEP 05, 1940, 02:04 PM CDT, +05:00, 087W39, 41N52, CHICAGO, IL
VIRGO: raquel_welch
Sep.13,1944, Tm=?, Weybridge (Surrey), England
VIRGO: jacqueline_bisset *
OCT 17, 1918, 07:22 PM EST, +05:00, 073W57', 40N45', New York, NY
LIBRA: rita_hayworth
Oct.16,1923, Tm=?, Dallas, TX - Died on Apr.10,1965
LIBRA: linda_darnell *
SEP 28, 1934, 01:15 PM GMD, -01:00, 002E20, 48N52, PARIS, FR
LIBRA: brigitte_bardot
OCT 22, 1943, 01:35:00 PM GMD, -01:00, 002E20, 48N52, Paris, FR
LIBRA: catherine_deneuve
Sep.28,1968, Tm=?, SF, CA
LIBRA: carre'_otis *
SEP.25,1969, 2:40 PM MET, -01:00, 003W57, 51N38, Swansea, WALES
* LIBRA: catherine_zeta-jones
NOV 05, 1913, 05:16:00 PM LST, -05:53, 088E16'00, 27N02'00, DARJEELING, INDIA
SCORPIO: vivian_leigh
NOV 09, 1914, 07:30 PM, -01:00, 16E20', 48N12', Vianna, AUSTRIA
SCORPIO: hedy_lamarr
NOV 9, 1922, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM EST, +05:00, 081W42', 41N30', Cleveland, OH
SCORPIO: dorothy_dandridge *
NOV 12, 1929, 05:31:00 AM EST, +05:00, 075W10'00, 39N57'00, PHILADELPHIA, PA
SCORPIO: grace_kelly
NOV 18, 1942, 07:06 AM EWT, +04:00, 72W41', 41N46', Hartford, CT
SCORPIO: linda_evans
NOV 20, 1956, 02:13:00 PM PST, +08:00, 118W11'00, 33N47'00, LONG BEACH, CA
SCORPIO: bo_derek
NOV 20, 1959, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM CST, +06:00, 085W46', 38N15', Louisville, KY
SCORPIO: sean_young *
Rodden: DEC 21, 1937, 09:14    AM EST, -05:00, 073W59'00, 40N46'00, NEW YORK, NY
SAGITTARIUS: jane_fonda
DEC 08, 1953, (TM=?) 00:00 PM EST, +05:00, 083W23'00, 33N57'00, Athens, GA
SAGITTARIUS: kim_basinger *
Dec.19,1963, Tm=?, Chicago, IL
SAGITTARIUS: jennifer_beals *
DEC 24, 1922, 07:10 PM EST, -04:00, 078W11', 35N28', Boon Hill, SC
CAPRICORN: ava_gardner
JAN 30, 1925, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM CST, +06:00, 087W38', 41N53', Chicago, IL
AQUARIUS: dorothy_malone *
Jan 31, 1929, Tm=?,  London, UK
AQUARIUS: jean_simmons *
FEB 13, 1933, 06:13:00 AM CST, +06:00, 087W39', 41N52', CHICAGO, IL
AQUARIUS: kim_novak
JAN 23, 1957, 09:27 AM CET, -01:00, 007E23, 43N45, MONTE CARLO, MON
AQUARIUS: princess_caroline
MAR 02, 1919, 05:10 PM CST, +06:00, 095W55', 36N10', TULSA, OK
PISCES: jennifer_jones
FEB 27, 1932, 02:00:00 AM GMT, +00:00, 000W10', 51N30', LONDON, U.K.
PISCES: elizabeth_taylor
MAR 19, 1936, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM, -01:00, 007E26', 46N57', Bern, SWISS
PISCES: ursula_andress *
Feb. 20,1966, (Tm=?) 12:00 PM CST, +06:00, 088W46', 41N56', De Kalb, IL
* PISCES: cindy_crawford *
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? jean-shrimpton *
? martina_colombari *
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