AsterPro 'Eternal' Natal Reports
(AsterPro will produce Forever!)

Page as of Oct. 5, 2001

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Note1: This is an "Eternal" Natal Report that AsterPro can generate forever, in
=====  year 1 Million AD, if you wish, if you can still find a copy of AsterPro.
That is, AsterPro quits planetary computations as of the end of year 2300 AD,
and so many parts of it will no longer work, though, of course, you will be able
to run full (regular) Natal and Compatibility reports for all births <=2300 AD
entered to the Database, say to 2400 AD.  AsterPro Eternal comes into play after
that, for both Natal and Compatibility (including our unique Point System),
generating reports as shown here.  They are not as elaborate as the regular reports,
but contain ALL info as per Traditional Astrological delineations, about 35-40
pages for Natal, 10 pages for Compatibility. How this is done is explained in AsterPro.

Note2: Actually, the Numerology and Research Modules are also alive forever, as
=====  also the Financial Module.  And Biorythms too will remain alive to year
32767 AD.

Traditional Natal by AsterPro Research Module

Aspects are Computed with Adjustable ORBS (@ Deg):
 OTHER CONJUNT (0)=  +/- 10
 OPPOSITION (180)=   +/- 9
 TRINE (120)=        +/- 8
 SQUARE (90)=        +/- 8
 SEXTILE (60)=       +/- 5
 ASC/MH 150 SUN/MOON=+/- 3

AS|29SAG42    H 1|
MH|29VIR42    H10|
SU|22CAN31    H 7|                                           60NP             
MO|16LEO37    H 8|             60VE   0MR                                     
ME| 4CAN12    H 7|                          0JU              90NP        60NN 
VE|20GEM57    H 6|                   60MR                    90NP             
MR|19LEO33    H 8|                                                            
JU| 8CAN 0    H 7|                                                       60NN 
ST| 8GEM21    H 6|                                      0UR        60PL  90NN 
UR| 3GEM18    H 6|                                          120NP  60PL  90NN 
NP|27VIR28    H 9|                                                            
PL| 4LEO59    H 8|                                                            
**|Place@ 028E41N, Male/White/Single, Prof./Type=UNIVERSL, Talent=ANALYTIC

 ** Your birth info is first translated into Ephemeris Time ET, including a 
 small correction (DT) for the difference between the Universal (clock) Time 
 and the Ephemeris Time (by which astronomers compute planetary positions). 
 The ET is used, together with the Longitude and Latitude of your place of 
 birth, to compute the Sidereal Time of birth and your Ascendant (the Cusp of 
 the 1st House), the deg/min and sign of the Eastern Horizon at the time of 
 your birth--the left horizontal line on your circular chart. The Cusps of 
 Houses 2 to 12 follow in the natural order of signs counterclockwise from the 
 Ascendant. They are the reference used for positioning your planets.

 ** Aspects are perhaps the most important influences in astrology. In 
 addition to the ones pointed out there are the Keplerian Aspects: 
 144,108,72,36,24,18. These are considered harmonious though not definitively 
 so. Mundane Aspects are measured in signs: eg, Sun in Cancer is in Mundane 
 Sextile to Moon in Virgo. (Two planets may be in Mundane Trine but Square in 
 Degrees.) A planet that is within 5 Deg of the Sun is said to be Combust and 
 has a Debilitating effect.

 Thus, a Natal (or birth) Chart is an analysis of the planets, the signs and 
 houses in which they are located, and the angles formed (if any) between 
 them. This information is summarized in the circular chart on Page 1. It is a 
 pictorial depiction of 'how the sky looked' around planet Earth as seen from 
 your place of birth at the time of your birth.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  2 


 The Sun sign characteristics reflect the inner identity (Individuality) of a 
 person, not the outer personality. As such, they seldom manifest themselves 
 on the surface. Unless the individual has developed a considerable degree of 
 self-awareness and a habit of occasionally taking an inventory of who he/she 
 really is, these characteristics remain buried until about mid-adulthood. 
 They are then reflected in the fruits and achievements surrounding the 
 person; in the direction of progress; in what the person has done with 
 his/her life. Until that stage is reached, the individual will be aware of 
 (only) passing sensations of inner identity. The strong influences from the 
 Ascendant (Outer Personality) and the Moon (daily moods and sensitivities) 
 will block, confuse, and/or dilute the energies from the Sun. This is further 
 complicated by the fact that the remaining planets, each with its unique 
 contribution, will modify the energies from the former three. A full Natal 
 (birth) chart is the only means by which to gain some understanding of these 
 combined influences.

 ASCENDANT - Along with the Sun and the Moon it is one of the three most 
 important ingredients in a Natal Chart. It is the sign of the 1st House--the 
 30 degree segment of the sky which was rising on the Eastern horizon at the 
 time of birth. The planets (if any) in the 1st House are a constant source of 
 energy in dealing with the environment. They manifest one's relationship to 
 that environment. (Planets in 1st House will be pointed out as each planet is 
 discussed.) This is similar to one's Sun Sign. The difference is in that the 
 Sun represents one's (inner) makeup, the Individuality, whereas the Ascendant 
 is the manner in which one projects on the environment, the Outer 
 Personality. There are traditionalists who suggest that the Sun, Moon, and 
 the Ascendant may determine jointly 80 per cent of one's identity, the other 
 influences providing the nuances. This is surely an exaggeration, but it does 
 underline the importance astrology ascribes to these three bodies.

 The MOON - Characteristics and History: Modern (Western) Astrology generally 
 regards the Moon as one of the three most important factors in one's Natal 
 chart. It represents one's Personality. However, unlike the Ascendant (which 
 is the way you project yourself), the Moon influences the manner in which you 
 see and experience your environment as you respond to the circumstances and 
 stimuli. Its daily Transiting effect influences the receptivity, behavior, 
 feelings, the subconscious; the daily mood. A review of the Moon's physical 
 characteristics and astrological history may be of interest. The Moon is 
 approximately 238,800 miles distant from Earth. Her diameter is about 2,163 
 miles; her volume 1/49 of planet Earth. She completes her revolution around 
 the Earth, some 1,494,000 miles, in a period of 27 days, 7 hrs, 43 min, and 
 11 sec at a speed of about 0.633 miles/sec. Her mass is 81 times less than 
 that of the Earth; her density 0.6 of Earth's density. The Lunar revolution 
 around the Earth produces a centrifugal force which is equal to Earth's 
 gravitational pull. She always shows the same side to planet Earth. Her 
 Phases vary according to her position and the Sun and Earth. Starting from 
 New Moon (formed when Moon is Conjunct Sun, or when she is between the Sun 
 and planet Earth), the crescent that forms gradually develops to First 
 Quarter (Half) Moon (where the crescent faces away from the Sun).

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  3 

 The Full Moon (Moon Opposition Sun) develops next. The light she reflects 
 from the Sun then begins to recede until she reaches the Last Quarter phase 
 and New Moon once again. Every 19 years the same phases occur on the same 
 dates and same degrees of the Zodiac. This is the Metonic Cycle of the Moon. 
 A day being some 720 hours, there are about twelve Lunar days to our Solar 

 Occult interpretations of the Moon attribute to it phlegmatic, feminine, 
 negative, cold, moist, fruitful, magnetic, and convertible qualities. It is 
 said that having no positive nature of her own, she is the mirror and 
 reflector of  other planetary bodies. The occultists saw in the Moon a dual 
 character: Kama Rupa (the Animal Desire), and her powerful influence over the 
 emotional and psychic mentality. The traditional view of the Moon is one of 
 Reflector of the Past; Interpreter of the Present, and Decipherer of the 
 Future. Sun and Moon are two time-markers which represent the Immortal 
 (individuality) and Mortal (personality as reflected by the mood). The 
 suggestion that the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant determine some 80 percent of 
 one's being originates from Hindu astrology. The Hindus also derived the 
 so-called Mansions of the Moon (or Nakshatras): 27 stellar groups of each 13 
 deg and 20 min of arc. They called these the Royal Road. They are very 
 similar to the Arabian Menzils and the Chinese Sieu. The 28 or so Arabian 
 parts may be a derivative of the mansions and the critical degrees therein, 
 as derived from the positions of the Sun, Moon, the Ascendant.  A modern 
 rearrangement of these mansions and the critical degrees in each mansion is 
 the method of the PreNatal Epoch. Some traditional astrologers consider the 
 Sign and House occupied by the Moon as perhaps the most significant 
 influences in life. While there may be some Occultist and Hindu bias in this 
 view, modern astrology too attributes to the Moon a similar weight.

 Guidelines to Interpretation

 If you are a novice student of astrology, you may be tempted to place equal 
 weight on each passage as you read your report, and soon be overwhelmed by 
 the multiplicity of the elements involved, especially since some observations 
 are likely to be contradictory, others apparently not in the ball park.  
 (Keep in mind that real-life circumstances, ones's genetic make-up, 
 upbringing, and other non-astrological factors also play an important role in 
 shaping one's life.  Sometimes these seemingly 'veil' astrological inputs.)  
 An experienced astrologer, in turn, will peruse the report, discard many 
 influences as marginal nuances, and flag out one or two elements as the most 
 dominant.  For example, a configuration of Pisces Sun Conjunct Saturn in 1st 
 House, Opposing Pluto in 7th, Square Mars in 4th, and Square Moon in 10th, 
 very likely describes a burdened person who is bound to view his/her present 
 life as payment for a major misdeed in a previous incarnation.  This 
 configuration is so powerful that the rest of the astrological influences 
 'pale' in comparison.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  4 

 Sun in Cancer

 Under the sign that symbolizes home and foundations, your primary motivation 
 is the preservation of yourself and your clan.  Your attachment and loyalty 
 to family, especially your mother, and close friends knows no bounds. You 
 stick to them through thick and thin.You are an excellent parent, but you 
 could be overly possessive and protective of your children. You are very 
 sensitive to your environment. You like appreciation, kindness, sympathy, 
 publicity, and recognition; you dread ridicule. Deep down, you are quiet, 
 reserved, emotional, intuitive, sensitive, protective, and sentimental. These 
 characteristics combined with nostalgia, a powerful imagination, and almost 
 photographic memory enable you to remember the positive aspects of past 
 experiences. This applies particularly to past love affairs, which (you allow 
 to) clutter present prospects.  Yet, periodically you experience the urge to 
 clean house of useless memorabilia, and to forgive old grudges. This may 
 serve an inner perception. Being so sensitive and impressionable, it is 
 important for you to be in a positive and cheerful state of mind, for you 
 recognize that negative emotions can play havoc with your psyche and your 
 health. Your instinctive way of healing old wounds perhaps assures you that 
 you are rid of polluted memories, but this can also make you a slow learner 
 especially in relationships.

 You are extremely intuitive.  You respond instinctively and absorb all sorts 
 of vibes.  Your many moods range from insecurity and fear and worry to 
 extreme elation. In love you tend to be moody but very sensual. Your moody, 
 self-centered, and possessive tendencies can create problems in your 
 relationships. On the one hand you long for companions who are stable and 
 productive, on the other you are attracted to partners who are changeable and 
 not very stable. Perhaps this is dictated by your own fluctuating moods, 
 seeking turbulence when you feel passionate, conviviality when you are calm 
 and rational. This can lead to a series of roller coaster relationships. 
 Because you are so sensitive and all-out in your affairs, feelings can easily 
 be hurt.  In time, you probably develop a hard shell that will enable you to 
 protect your soft interior. But remember that you too can hurt. It may take 
 you some time before you learn to balance your emotions, and become more 
 consistent.  Once you do, you will find the kind of partner you are seeking, 
 for a Cancer is an ideal companion.

 And remember, although you can be an excellent loner, you are a romantic, and 
 you like to share.  Do not let your fear of rejection or past hurts persuade 
 you to stay in your shell. Go out and socialize. As with Pisces, your 
 life-style is one of many ups and downs, and, like Gemini, you are strongly 
 attracted to experiences. Yet you also cater to roots, traditions, and 
 conservative values.  You can be very unpredictable in your approach to life. 
 Though impressionable, once you make up your mind, you stick to your own 
 course. However, from time to time, you drastically alter the direction of 
 your position in life according to your intuitive hunches. that you may lack 
 material resources, but, then, you are full of contradictions. You are not a 
 gambler with money, yet you would gamble your life (and your income) on a 
 dream. Sometimes you do this for your love of adventure and experience, but, 
 more often than not, the motivation is your deep-seated desire to be in the 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  5 

 center stage. You strive to achieve recognition, prestige, and ego 
 satisfaction. Your basic insecurity and lack of confidence sometimes 
 interfere with the choice of the direction you want to take to achieve your 
 goals and ambitions.  But once you do find your direction, you pursue it 
 diligently and tenaciously. Being as shrewd as you are, it should not 
 surprise anyone, that you do achieve your dreams, and indeed, you are better 
 off than you were before. You need financial security and firm roots for 
 emotional stability. When you reach that stage, you are truly giving.

 In small matters you can be fussy, critical, and argumentative. In fact, in 
 everyday circumstances you can be a difficult person to live with.  Yet, you 
 can be solid as a rock in a crisis and comforting others who are also 
 affected.  Once you learn to harmonize your mind and your emotions, your 
 compassionate and healing nature will enable you to become the person to whom 
 others turn for stability and guidance in their lives. Learn to overcome your 
 inferiority complex so that you can derive full benefits from your excellent 
 mind.  For instance, with your ability to perceive the details of emotional 
 nuances, you could become an excellent documentary reporter, a writer, or a 

 Depending on how you use the energies, you can be supportive or dominating, 
 sensitive or overemotional, protective or possessive, reliable or wishy 
 washy, imaginative and visionary or a dreamer.  Concentrate on developing the 
 positive characteristics of your sign. (In case of interest, the German, 
 French, Latin, Turkish, and Indian terms are respectively  Sun: Sonne, 
 Soleil, Sol, Gunesh, Surya (or Ravi), and the Sign is  Krebs, Cancer, Cancer, 
 Yengec, Katana.)

 The Sun stands for the ego, will, honor, dignity, and pride. It is strongest 
 in 1st, 5th, and 10th houses; weakest in 12th, 6th, 11th, 2nd, and 3rd. In 
 the latter cases, unless compensated for, you may not be sufficiently 

 SUN's energy in Your Sign is modified as follows:

 SUN in 7th HOUSE: You are sociable, adaptable, vain, and mannerly. You crave 
 recognition, but you are not firm in your aims. You project in a way where 
 your motivations and other people's reactions to them are tested; perhaps a 
 game player.

 QUALITY: The Sun is in a Cardinal (Generation of activity and energy: 
 self-motivated, ambitious), Water (emotional, sensitive, intuitive, inspired, 
 inspirational, resourceful), and Introvert (meditating, feminine) Sign. Since 
 it is in an Angular House, according to traditional astrology, it is in a 
 relatively more powerful position. Specifically, marriage, partnerships, open 
 enemies, and contracts and legal proceedings gain additional significance in 
 your life.

 MERCURY Rises Before SUN: Although your mind is somewhat self-oriented and 
 subjective, it is keen. You also have good memory.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  6 

 SUN No Aspect MARS: Sun-Mars aspects, even the adverse ones, are vital 
 energies which help one to achieve things! In your case this force is not 
 present. You have to try extra hard to achieve your aims.

 SUN Sextile NEPTUNE: Although you are sociable and enthusiastic outwardly, 
 you really thrive from inner perceptions. You can get along with almost 
 anyone, and you are a source of inspiration to those around you.

 Supplement: Sun Sextile Neptune  *
 The emotional and intellectual components of your being are nicely
 blended and this balance bestows upon you considerable charm and
 magnetism. Your intuition is strong and your critical faculties are
 aided by tact, class, and innate good taste. There is a potential
 for artistic talent in this aspect. However, the ability to pursue
 and capitalize on this creativity will depend on other aspects. That
 is, if other aspects to the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury show
 creative powers, these will help with the implementation and
 eventually lead to recognition. In any case, you have a genuine
 appreciation for beauty, poetry, and music, and will be found among
 the patrons of the art galleries, operas, concerts, and the theater.
 This aspect also supports one's health and general welfare.
 You are aware of your creative potential. You understand your social
 responsibilities and know that you can be instrumental in relieving
 much of the suffering you observe. However, you prefer to leave the
 task of changing adverse social conditions to those who have the
 practical means and make-up for it. Your role is to assist those who
 are affected by such conditions and to treat the symptoms. You are
 compassionate and sensitive, and it is important for you to relate
 to others in this socially responsible context.
 The professional opportunities open to you are quite varied, for
 have a way of blending with the particular requirements of a given
 occupation, even though your personal preferences may be different.
 Ideally your work should involve public related activities. Your
 imagination and creative talents could be well suited to writing or
 to communications in general. A position with a travel agency, on
 ships, airlines, or at a resort would also be suitable. If you must
 work alone, you have to find a way of relating this work to the
 public. Arts and crafts, or even an occupation in metaphysics, would
 bring out the best in you. Your sense of drama is an asset in
 bringing attention to your pursuits. Your inspiration and
 imagination become alive when you focus your energy on such
 Your personal associations are as varied as your professional
 interests. You have an innate ability to relate freely to all kinds
 of people, and you are rarely off balance no matter how bohemian the
 encounter. You admire the successful and sympathize with those who
 fail, but you are not demanding or intolerant of either. Generally

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  7 

 you allow others to find their own milieu. But, you are particularly
 attracted to individuals who are sure of their identity. Frequently
 you accept opportunities and challenges others generally avoid to
 prove to yourself that you can succeed in any arena, despite the
 unusual complications. You are somewhat of a visionary and can
 picture the outcome of most situations in which you are involved.
 In love, you are realistic about what you can or cannot expect from
 a relationship. In judging an affair, you do not let romance cloud
 reality. Of course your expectations may be quite demanding, but you
 will not nurture a "this is it" self-deception for long if your
 expectations are not met. Although this is a sensible approach in
 theory, in the short term, you may turn down an interesting affair
 by pre-judging the possibilities ahead of time. In turn, difficult
 human situations may eventually challenge or alter your view of
 life. Therefore you should try to make your expectations more
 flexible, or at least reevaluate them from time to time. You could
 even place yourself in situations which will test and refine your
 ideals, for ideals are rewarding only to the extent that they
 actually enlarge your experience.
 You tend to be gentle and thoughtful in intimate relationships, and
 easily acclimate yourself to your companion emotionally. This will
 allow you to achieve a higher degree of oneness with your companion,
 even if he or she has difficulty in verbalizing intimate or
 emotional needs. You can understand them intuitively.

 Ascendant in Sagittarius

 Under the sign that symbolizes wisdom and the ever-evolving, you are an 
 extrovert who is constantly searching. You have an innate understanding of 
 the motivations of human existence.  You are the philosophers, teachers, and 
 the eternal students. Your personality is very direct.  You are frank and 
 to-the-point with your opinions.  (And you do have opinions on all subjects.) 
 In these, you can be the most liberal and the most stubborn at the same time.

 Mentally, you are broad-minded, quick and intuitive.  You are also a 
 delightfully frank and open person.  On the one hand your vision is very 
 broad; your conceptualization excellent. On the other hand you are also good 
 with detail, capable of easily grasping the essence of a problem.  Like the 
 Cancer, you too can be prophetic, not so much through vibes as through your 
 rattrap mind and your ability to foresee the logical sequence of events.  
 Best of all, an incurable optimist, you can not be defeated.  No wonder that 
 you feel so self-confident, for you are the sign of good fortune.

 Depending on how you choose to utilize the energies, you can be generous or 
 wasteful, knowledgeable or opinionated, frank or tactless, experiencing life 
 or roaming. (In case of interest, the German, French, Latin, Turkish, and 
 Indian terms are respectively: Ascendant=Aszendent, Ascendant, Ascendens, ?, 
 Lagna (Simha), and the Sign is:  Schuetze, Sagittaire, Sagittarius, Yay, 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  8 

 QUALITY: The Ascendant is in a Mutable, Fire, and Extrovert Sign.

 ASCENDANT Square MIDHEAVEN: The Ascendant and Midheaven aspects signify the 
 relationship between the ego, the higher self, and personality, the lower 

 MIDHEAVEN (MH): The MH is essentially the highest point in a chart. It is on 
 or close to the cusp of the 10th House. Traditional astrology did not 
 attribute significance to the sign of the MH. Dr. Ebertin of Cosmobiology and 
 Mid-points fame does in a general way. Albeit, the planets in the 10th house, 
 aspects formed between the planets and MH, and the planet that is closest to 
 the MH are the important factors in the delineation. These determine the 
 choice of profession and career, position vis-a-vis the public, and 
 contributions to the society. Depending on the nature of the above-related 
 relationships, success in these areas may be promoted or not.

 The Significance of Midheaven (Medium Coeli) is as follows:

 MIDHEAVEN in VIRGO: signifies the striving for a secure livelihood and 
 permanent position in life, advancement by simple means, a superb sense for 
 detail and organization, tidiness, and a critical attitude. On the other 
 hand, there may also be a tendency to petty criticism and nagging, 
 hypersensitivity, and susceptibility to flattery and unfounded praise.

 QUALITY: The Midheaven is in a Mutable, Earth, and Introvert Sign.

 The MOON's influence on you is as follows: (The Moon in the signs text is 
 extracted from many sources, including personal experiences. However, the 
 primary inspiration came from an old book, 'Influence of the Moon',by 
 Frederic Van Norstrand which may be the most comprehensive and substantive 
 text on the Moon in the signs.)

 The MOON in LEO: Many of the natural characteristics of the Moon are absorbed 
 and nullified when she is in Leo, the natural domicile of the Sun. Key word 
 is Pride. Here the Moon is filled with the pride of life, in origin noble and 
 replete with dignity. It manifests as warm generosity, courage, and utter 
 fearlessness that compels devotion, admiration, and respect. These people may 
 be if anything too generous, magnanimous, and easily impressed upon, for they 
 are actuated by idealism, less by sober judgement. They may sacrifice 
 everything in the cause of righteousness and justice, evolved types 
 portraying great power of will and enormous determination. They appear lordly 
 in bearing, may be authoritative, yet very understanding. They will not stoop 
 to unworthy means to accomplish their ends. Leo strengthens the mentality and 
 the positive forces of the mind. It is fiery, magnetic, commanding, daring, 
 generous, lavish, rich in affection, fond of ceremony, pomp, and display. Leo 
 is spirit in manifestation, of character formation. It is said that Leo and 
 Aquarius are two of the best positions for the Moon, Taurus and Cancer next. 
 Usually conservative and discriminating, they possess a deep and consistent 
 love nature, and once their love is aroused, they will respond with unstinted 
 measure. However, they are also slow to withdraw their affection, and bear a 
 grudge if their love is abused. There is an innate destructive force in Leo, 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  9 

 partly manifested as a smoldering temper and they may be the most prone to 
 jealousy, followed by Taurus and Scorpio. If they are abused, they will get 
 even, sometimes in desperate measures, but unlike Scorpio they will do so in 
 the open. These natives have an innate ability to make others dependent on 
 them. It is difficult to dominate or subjugate them--especially at about 28 
 deg of Leo associated with the fixed star Regulus, said to be prominent in 
 the charts of great rulers and generals. They like to exercise authority and 
 dominate others, but never underhandedly. They cannot be convinced against 
 their will, nor be swayed against their emotions.

 These natives usually make fine persons, however they must first learn to 
 rule themselves. Timing and subtlety are very important in contesting issues 
 with them. The Moon in Leo also strengthens the influence of the Sun, no 
 matter in which sign it is located, but especially in Aries and Sagittarius; 
 also when Cancer is rising and the Moon falls in 1st or 2nd house. People 
 born with the Moon in Leo are almost fanatical about their freedom. They can 
 be assertive and take advantage of opportunities. There is also the capacity 
 for self-sacrifice. Their mentality is robust, strong, and decisive. It 
 cannot be dominated even by their loved ones. Their attitude to life is a 
 determined one, few limitations are recognized or acceded to. Although their 
 health is robust in general, the heart is the weak link. The natives do have 
 the capacity to work very hard. However, they do better on their own than 
 working for others, though they are effective in positions of trust and 
 authority. To wantonly tie them down is a waste of energy and resources, as 
 also placing arbitrary limitations on them, or to order them. They must be 
 courteously asked and subtly guided. They will show decorum; are courteous to 
 their superiors and others. Lunar Leo is not the rough-and-ready sort that an 
 Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius lunar can be. They are the 
 ritualists with dignity. Male natives may display pomp, arrogance, and 
 conceit. Their egocentricity may make them gullible; their colossal vanity is 
 at the root of their misfortunes. Sometimes they fuss over trifling details. 
 They are likely to be very popular with women. The woman they marry is likely 
 to be noble and pure-hearted, a saving influence in their lives. For a woman 
 this positioning may be a little less desirable, for being strong-minded and 
 determined, she may choose a weak male whom she can dominate at will. She 
 should curb her dictatorial attitudes. However she can be a fond mother and 
 faithful spouse. If hurt or humiliated, she can remain vulnerable a long 
 time. Sun/Moon/Saturn Conjunct is said to be the heaviest of karmic debts.

 The MOON in 8th HOUSE: Emotionally intense, your life may be one struggle 
 after another. You are tenacious and ambitious, though you overestimate 
 yourself too. You sense other people's emotional state and use this for good 
 or ill.

 QUALITY: The Moon is in a Fixed (Concentration of energy: fixed, consistent, 
 predictable, stable, accumulating), Fire (dynamic creativity; stimulating, 
 action-oriented), and Extrovert (outgoing, masculine) Sign. It is in a 
 Succedent House. According to traditional astrology, planets in Succedent 
 houses highlight the outcome of actions taken by the planets in Angular 
 houses. They signify the direction of one's energy and resources. They are 
 also said to bring a stabilizing influence on the person.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  10 

 MOON Sextile VENUS: This is a nice influence to have to enrich your life. You 
 are sociable, cheerful, affectionate, and have good taste. You are also 
 graceful, and have a class about you, though a bit self-indulgent and lazy 

 Supplement: Moon Sextile Venus  *
 You are a gracious person, magnetic and handsome too. You are
 probably a social leader of sorts, or at least popular in your
 environment. There is an element of luck that will accompany you
 throughout your life, not so much in speculative matters; rather,
 one that protects you from adversity. Whatever original social
 status or parental environment you were born into, probably a
 favorable one, you will likely rise far above your original
 circumstances. You are protected against utter defeat in a material
 sense. You can make a little go a long way if you have to, but you
 do not have to. Your taste in dress, furnishings, and adornments may
 prove to be expensive, but even if times are trying financially,
 your home is always warm, inviting, charming, and graceful. You are
 not into glitter. What you project is an innate taste. This aspect
 is also one of the indices of a happy marriage. Even if there is
 adversity elsewhere in your chart, it will partially compensate the
 adversity, and almost assure happiness in close relationships.
 You have both the desire and the disposition for a happy and
 rewarding partnership. Knowing quite clearly what you want out of
 life, you communicate this to a prospective mate. You know you can
 offer many personal resources and can use your talents imaginatively
 to sustain a marriage. To add dimension to your relationship and
 maintain continuing interest in each other, you try to share every
 experience. You are creative, sympathetic, tender, and affectionate,
 and will go to great lengths to introduce whatever is necessary to
 protect the relationship. You are prepared to compromise, and you
 expect the same from your mate. True sharing is the backbone
 supporting your mutual concern for each other. Because you are
 secure in your feelings about the one you love, your companionship
 can weather many stormy incidents which may shake other bonds.
 You are very sociable and can always find something pleasant to say
 about everyone. Your inherent optimism makes you believe that even
 the most difficult situations will work out fine eventually. So
 you are not excessively preoccupied with "passing" adversity in your
 life. To you, there is no problem that cannot be resolved if it is
 discussed sincerely. You enrich your free time by involving yourself
 in social organizations, working with young people, or by teaching
 and learning new skills on your own. You are fairly clever in
 handling your financial resources and know how to stretch them
 imaginatively so that you always have enough resources. You may
 resent it, however, if someone makes a demand on your finances. You
 are conservative enough not to jeopardize your security to satisfy
 someone else's frivolous needs. When you feel there is a genuine

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  11 

 need, you are not indifferent to their situation, but you resent
 being told when and how much to give.
 It is easier for you than for many to understand and to realize your
 emotional desires, partly because you are lucky, and in part because
 you do not seek the impossible, which could lead to disappointment.
 You prefer a warm and affectionate relationship than one that is
 tempestuous and demanding. This is a fortunate characteristic in
 that it will spare you many of the tumultuous relationships in which
 others plunge compulsively. It also makes you a particularly
 desirable partner, for you offer your companion a mellow and gentle
 style of loving and sharing that always seeks to please. As a
 result, you can tame and calm a more contentious partner and act as
 the peacemaker in a relationship. In general, this is an excellent
 trait, but do not let your partner take advantage of your desire for
 harmony, and keep you from reaching your goals. Be helpful and
 giving when reasonable, but stand your ground to unreasonable
 demands, even if this goes against your nature. No worthwhile
 partner will ask for more than you can reasonably give.
 MOON Conjunct MARS: You have considerable will-power, but in close 
 relationships you lack emotional control, frequently throwing temper 
 tantrums. You also suffer from inner tensions, anger, envy, selfishness, and 
 impulsiveness. You use others for your emotional and other needs. You have 
 potent sexuality, particularly if this conjunction is in Scorpio or the 8th 

 Supplement: Moon Conjunct Mars  *
 This aspect enhances the likelihood for authority, power, and
 financial return. It also provides great charm, magnetism, artistic
 ability, and sometimes public acclaim. You are bestowed with strong
 desires and independence of spirit, in part as a result of
 restrictions experienced early in life in parental home or as a
 result of an early illness which has left a psychological need for
 success. This need may also be compensation for an inherent weakness
 or an inferiority complex which often arises in early childhood.
 Your mind is quick, facile, and expressive and you are able to
 interact both with individuals and with large groups. You are a
 determined fighter and a worthy opponent. Your quarrelsome
 tendencies are less marked after leaving parental home, where you
 probably experienced severe restrictions from one parent. This
 aspect usually brings about considerable musical or artistic ability
 and talent in adulthood, sometimes producing a truly capable
 creative artist. The sexuality and passions are strongly marked and
 need to be contained and channeled, even though there is a danger
 of distress through suppressed emotions. There may be unusual or
 conflicting thoughts of love. Success in political and business
 arenas are also possible - a long line of presidents of the United
 States and other public officials share this aspect. Tact, self-

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  12 

 assurance, and determination are enhanced along with increased
 intellectual agility and energy. Determined pursuit of an ambition
 is likely to bring outstanding recognition and success.
 Emotionally you are anxious and impatient. Your feelings are strong
 and generally in conflict because you are extremely sensitive to
 what people say or do. Your imagination works overtime suffering
 slights which may not have been intended. You respond to these
 imagined insults in abusive ways, whether or not the response was
 deserved. Frequently you are so preoccupied with yourself that you
 are unsympathetic toward people who are trying to compromise with
 you. In time they will start to avoid you. When you feel threatened
 by persons who relate to you aggressively, you retaliate by putting
 them in their place. You want desperately to establish close
 relationships, but you are not always sure how to relate to your
 companions when you do. This may be partially attributable to
 childhood experiences when a parent may have treated you in an
 overly critical manner.
 You tend to assert yourself in extreme ways to satisfy your
 emotional needs. When you are rejected, you can be very unkind, even
 vicious and vindictive. The people for whom you care need a variety
 of human companionship, but you are blind to their needs, and your
 jealousy distorts your reason. You complain bitterly of being
 abandoned by them. Compromise is something you expect from others,
 but you fail to see any reason to make compromises yourself. The
 adverse elements of this aspect demand a considerable time and
 energy to overcome. When you do you will also find the peace of mind
 you are seeking. With regard to relationships, postpone accusations
 at least until you have all the facts. Place yourself in the other
 person's situation and imagine what it is like to be on the
 receiving end of your cruel outbursts. If you are honest with
 yourself, you will realize that often you behave immaturely and
 unjustly. You have only yourself to blame if you can not get along
 with other people. One of the very significant lessons you can teach
 yourself is not to presume on all occasions they people are "out to
 get you". Other people experience difficult times or difficult
 moments, just as you do. Unless the occasion has serious
 consequences, try to overlook the real or imagined injury.
 This aspect does not in itself signify specific professional
 interests, but it does indicate problems in relating to co-workers
 in any occupation. When you lose you are not especially gracious and
 may even suggest that your competitor had an unfair advantage. In
 other words, you are a sore loser. Indeed, you are so thin-skinned
 that even a minor criticism is enough to set off a temper tantrum.
 This may be partially due to a powerful sense of pride which is also
 fragile. On the other hand, you can easily launch a verbal attack
 against another person, and then you are appalled at the response.
 There is a contradiction and inconsistency between your overly
 sensitive response to criticism and your indifference to other

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  13 

 people's sensitivity. If you select occupations which involve close
 contact with the public or team-work with co-workers, you will have
 to resolve these problems.
 In love, your emotions are strong, passions potent. You respond to a
 potential partner's advances quickly and forcefully. Once in a
 relationship, emotions tend to grow quite volatile and intense, with
 great energy put into love. However, you should resist the
 temptation to move too hastily, particularly in making a commitment
 or expressing anger toward a loved one. Instead, allow yourself the
 opportunity to reconsider, for you have a tendency to become
 disinterested in an idea as quickly as you became interested. This
 is especially important on the occasions of angry exchanges, for
 frequently you flare up intensely at first and then regret your
 intensity. Your partner can always depend on you for strength and
 support, especially during an imminent crisis. On the other hand,
 for long term endurance, you may have to depend on your partner. As
 a lover you are very romantic, intense, and passionate. You have to
 train yourself to devote more time to preliminary affection and
 foreplay to enjoy the full range of intimacy.
 Supplement: Cancer Sun Leo Moon  *
 On the surface you have a lot to offer: sympathy, compassion, and
 generosity. Indeed you are capable of all of these, but the
 cooperative spirit which you exude is really only skin deep. You are
 more an individualist who, if push comes to shove, will have his or
 her way and fashion the world accordingly, all the while giving the
 appearance of a group player. You appear to compromise by listening
 to the other person, but in the end get your own way. Thus, there is
 an autocrat in you, but this may be more a characteristic derived
 from your (generally deserved) confidence in yourself. In the
 presence of authority you will take orders, but you prefer to give
 them. You are proud, honorable, and self-respecting. If your good
 nature is imposed upon, you are capable of disconnecting coldly. Yet
 you can be also very demonstrative.
 Although you have not much faith in people, you do believe that you
 can get what you want from them, if you bend a little, and that they
 are fundamentally loyal to you, even those who may be deceptive and
 treacherous. Thus, you may be seen as a manipulator. On the other
 hand, you may be a politician, or a practical motivator of people,
 who brings out the better characteristics in them. Your keen sense
 of justice and fairness does in fact make people stick to you, even
 those who have no special sense of right and wrong. You take
 yourself rather seriously, having a high estimate of yourself.
 Others are usually willing to accept this. You are good at analysis,
 detail, and organization, and will often reach an executive position
 in a business. Emotionally you are loyal though perhaps not
 consistent. You are quite capable of multiple affairs if it suits
 your purposes or desires. You are understanding and tolerant of the

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  14 

 weaknesses of others as well as your own, and have a "do as I say,
 not as I do" attitude where matters of love and loyalty are

 MERCURY: The communicator and messenger. Controls the mind and intellect, 
 speech, all forms of communication, analytical capability, state of mind, 
 talent (or lack of it) in written or oral expression, news, correspondence, 
 languages , and literary output. Mercury also influences adaptability to the 
 environment and people. It is strongest in Virgo, Gemini, and Aquarius; 
 weakest in Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

 Mercury's influence on you is as follows:

 MERCURY in CANCER: You have keen intellect and excellent memory. You don't 
 cater to small talk; can adapt to any place or any person. Romantic and 
 sentimental, you are past-oriented. You like praise and maintaining a 
 positive image.

 MERCURY in 7th HOUSE: You are sociable and at ease with people, but can be 
 too agreeable and accommodating. Your mind is creative and follows form and 
 logic; both scientific and literary. You are fair dealing with others and 
 have good manners. You may be involved in some occupation dealing with the 
 public. If Mercury is adverse, you are open to problems in marriage, 
 possibility of legal confrontations, and loss of social esteem.

 QUALITY: Mercury is in a Cardinal, Water, and Introvert Sign and in an 
 Angular House.

 MERCURY Conjunct JUPITER: You have a mind that can conceive as well as 
 implement. It is imaginative yet practical. It can separate larger issues 
 from smaller ones. It is also active and curious. Much common sense too. A 
 fine asset.

 Supplement: Mercury Conjunct Jupiter  *
 You are an honorable person, bestowed with a fine and tenacious
 mind. If the conjunction occurs in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or
 Aquarius, you can be immensely stubborn. But regardless of the sign,
 you are a person whose opinions seldom sway, and if the issue is about
 "right or wrong", certainly you cannot be swayed from the right. You
 cannot be bribed. You are judicial, somewhat puritanical, and do
 well in law, government, and politics, where your integrity and high
 standards can take you far. You are also a good business person,
 optimistic but sound, capable of executive leadership; a fine
 salesman, persuasive and forceful. You love a good story. And when
 not in a solemn mood you appreciate a good joke on anyone, including
 yourself, despite the fact that you take yourself and the world
 pretty seriously. This aspect lends additional importance to other
 aspects of Mercury. If there are no other aspects, then your mental
 processes are direct, proceeding from cause to effect with admirable
 precision, without being confused by unimportant details and
 complexities. And you are not likely to be wrong in your
 conclusions. You also have excellent powers of reasoning and the

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  15 

 enthusiasm to remain interested in whatever draws your attention. You
 have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and your mind is a
 treasure-chest of information. Communication is your greatest talent,
 and you express your opinions persuasively. Because you always insist
 on finding the truth, you are sure of yourself and of what you know.
 You develop your creative ideas cleverly and with extraordinary
 ingenuity and inspiration.
 Early in life you began asking questions about everything and would
 not be silenced until you had the answers. This curiosity has
 continued and will be active throughout your life. Each answer you
 obtain opens broad vistas to still more unanswered questions.
 Suffice it to say that your whole life is a process of learning
 about everything, old and new. You are flexible enough to revise
 your thinking when new evidence suggests that you should. You study
 the past but primarily for its role as the key to the future. Your
 incredible mental capacity can be applied to any field which
 involves direct communication with people, including education,
 philosophy, history, public relations, writing, and travel.
 Eventually you will be recognized as an authority in your field and
 respected for your contributions to society. Thus, it is imminent
 that you do not neglect your schooling and education, for this will
 enable you to make an even greater contribution. The world will be
 poorer if deprived of your enormous creative potential.
 You should recognize that this aspect makes it difficult for you to
 focus on one subject to the exclusion of others. You do not need to
 be alarmed at this. With self-discipline you can pursue several
 interests at once and pay exclusive attention to any one of them
 when you choose. This unique ability gives you the potential for
 greatness. Your vast resources of information can make you a
 formidable opponent in a debate or argument. The only serious
 problem for you is in deciding on and defining the objectives and
 goals in life to which you want to direct your energies. You may
 also have some sort of nervous ailment that will require you to
 detach yourself from your ambitions while you recuperate. Rest is
 extremely important to you.
 In love, you are quite inventive, overflowing with thoughts about
 how to make romance better and more interesting. You may express
 many of these ideas verbally. So you would be happy with a companion
 who appreciates not only the physical side of romance but its
 spiritual and mental sides as well. This will allow you two to
 experiment with a rich selection of romantic scenarios. It would be
 even more fortunate if your partner can introduce some of the more
 down-to-earth details of implementation, for romance to you is
 sometimes merely a state of mind. You should be careful with the
 volume of verbal expression in general, however, for in view of your
 expansive mind you have a tendency to become an occasional windbag.
 It may be best for you to wait until your thoughts are fully formed
 before you discuss them. Otherwise you may detect that people have

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  16 

 lost interest by the time you present the conclusions. Albeit, you do
 have a taste for drama, especially in intimate relationships, and
 even your sudden inspirations, and erotic fantasies, have a way of
 coming to life fully formed. Thus, they have quite an impact.
 MERCURY Square NEPTUNE: You seek fame, but cannot find your place in life, 
 mainly because you pursue unrealistic notions and suffer from faulty 
 judgement. Occasional lying and your tendency to manipulate further 
 complicate things. You may experience extreme depression or feel in a rut. 
 However, if you learn to control the excess, this influence can become 
 particularly useful for studying abstract subjects. In other words, apply 
 your potent imagination to constructive outlets, for some day something is 
 likely to catch your interest and you will have found your place.

 Supplement: Mercury Square Neptune  *
 You are a daydreamer. You think abstract and impractical thoughts
 which you weave into a web of reality that you cannot put into
 practice. You love beauty, music, and art, and should try to master
 the technique of one of these fields to put your inspirational
 faculties to work. You have difficulty concentrating and are easily
 distracted, not so much by things or people around you as by the
 wandering tendencies of your own mind. Even when you are alone in a
 quiet room, your imagination leaves little for practical
 Your imagination often conflicts with your logic too. Your fear of
 responsibility can cause emotional and tangible problems. You seem
 unable to view life realistically, and by arguments which may be
 logical only to you, you can convince yourself that an unpleasant
 reality which you do not wish to confront simply does not exist. The
 resulting distortion further complicates matters so that the truth
 and reality of a situation remains hidden to you. In short, you are
 an escapist, a problem partly caused by your early parental
 Until you face up to the harsh realities of the world outside, your
 progress will be limited. Because of your extreme sensitivity,
 superficial problems become exaggerated. You have a talent to
 express abstract thoughts, but you must prepare for occasional
 setbacks when you expose yourself to competition. The challenge of
 competition can threaten your success unless you exercise self-
 control and become more confident. You must train your intellectual
 abilities to gain self-confidence. Be honest with yourself at all
 times as you develop your capabilities so that you will also
 understand your limitations. Eventually you can succeed in writing,
 acting, education, art, or abstract phenomena, including metaphysics.
 You must clarify your objectives and learn to focus your attention on
 one specific challenge at a time. This is important: too many
 interests at once bring out your weakness under pressure, and this,
 rather than inability, may defeat you. Your should involve in

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  17 

 activities which serve other people. Exposure to their problems will
 help you solve your own problems as well.
 Be cautious and conservative in your romantic alliances, for your
 imagination can play tricks on you. If you interpret someone's
 casual interest as a sign of love, you may be disappointed. Do not
 make any commitments to romantic companions until they establish
 their sincerity. You can be easily victimized by your desire to
 experience the ideal relationship. Develop your creative talents so
 that when you are alone you are not lonely. You may have some
 difficulty communicating to your companion what really makes you
 tick and what you expect from the relationship. It is very important
 that you do your utmost to be strictly truthful with your partner,
 because you do have the tendency to tell unnecessary white lies
 which can become big black ones, before you realize their impact.

 VENUS: Stands for love, peace, harmony, aesthetic values, artistic 
 expression, physical attraction, self-indulgence, social life, and optimism 
 about life. It has a magnetic quality between the sexes, and enhances social 
 and romantic opportunities. Venus is strongest in Taurus, Libra, Pisces, and 
 in 7th House; weakest in Aries, Scorpio, and Virgo.

 Venus' influence on you is as follows:

 VENUS in GEMINI: You are sympathetic, versatile; perhaps a bit overly 
 accommodating. You can be flirtatious and promiscuous. Indeed, you are able 
 to pursue simultaneous relationships (which can lead to conflicts). You may 
 be creatively inclined, perhaps in literature or as a poet; you have a way 
 with words. You are on the go; like to travel. You may marry several times.

 VENUS in 6th HOUSE: You may be one of the few people who do not fall in love 
 head over heels; you are much too practical and your moral standards are 
 high. Your health is reasonably good; you enjoy harmonious interaction with 
 your employers and co-workers.

 QUALITY: Venus is in a Mutable, Air, and Extrovert Sign and in a Cadent House.

 VENUS Sextile MARS: You are amorous and demonstrative in the way you relate 
 to romantic partners and should not have any problem attracting them. You 
 have also an adventurous but aspiring nature; your daily life is 

 Supplement: Venus Sextile Mars  *
 Your personality is strong and magnetic with considerable sex appeal
 and physical presence. You are intense without being erratic and
 emotionally stable and reliable. You are likely to marry well, as
 far as money is concerned, and have good earning potential of your
 own. You spend freely especially in pursuit of pleasure and when
 acquiring fashionable items. There is an element of luck in this
 aspect. You are likely to profit materially through your parents
 and may have a legacy from them. Money is important to you.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  18 

 You can be materialistic, yet your ideals have a touch of earthiness
 about them. You are more ardent than romantic. However, if other
 aspects show romantic potential, this aspect will lend vitality and
 realism to what might otherwise be a nebulous element. You will
 seldom want for romantic companions. Popular in your environment,
 you are likely to become a social leader of sorts, attracting all
 sorts of people to you - and loving it.
 You have a warm and affectionate nature. Your physical needs are
 considerable, but you know how to contain them until you meet a
 person with whom you can enjoy a comfortable relationship. You do
 not display your feelings until you know the person fairly well and
 can decide if there is a sufficient level of mutual interest and
 physical attraction. You recognize the fact that it is necessary to
 compromise with people to maintain continued friendship. Others are
 inclined to make concessions to you because your interaction
 encourages them to do so. You do not challenge or threaten the
 opinion other people have about themselves, nor do you call
 attention to their failings. Although you allow for human frailties,
 you expect to see the better qualities manifested.
 You can be somewhat irresponsible with your finances in that you do
 have the tendency to spend more than you earn. You prefer to taste
 the finer and more aesthetic things that life has to offer than to
 preoccupy yourself with the seamy side of it. Your artistic nature
 provides an appreciation for good music, fine works of art, good
 literature, interesting social contacts, and congenial friendships.
 No particular professional interest is emphasized by this aspect,
 but you would be very suitable for any occupation which facilitates
 one-to-one interaction with people. When in the company of people
 whom you do not know well, you are able to start a casual conversation
 so that you can introduce yourself and break the ice. You have an
 optimistic outlook on life and a smile that shows the world that you
 are a happy and congenial person. You could be enormously successful
 in a public relations position where people would feel impelled to
 approach you, particularly since you immediately put them at ease.
 You probably still maintain friendship with people you met years
 ago, even though you may no longer be in direct contact with them.
 You retain good memories of the jointly shared times with them and
 tend to forget or overlook a painful incident that may have
 occurred. The person whom you will marry is likely to be one who
 cooperates with you in achieving the good things in life. But
 whether you marry for security or for purely emotional reasons, the
 relationship will prove enriching. Because of your good sense of
 timing and taste, you are usually able to get the response you
 desire in a romantic encounter. Although you are not necessarily
 conservative sexually, or overly considerate, you like to harmonize
 your mode of action to that of your companion. Your relationships
 usually evolve so that soon your partner's desires also harmonize
 with yours. There will be times when you are without a companion.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  19 

 However, these occasions seem to occur at times when it is either
 convenient or even helpful not to have a companion. In general,
 your sexual needs are quite regular, a warm extension of your
 overall relationship. The only problem you may encounter is in that
 sex on a regular schedule can lose some of the excitement.
 Therefore, you should allow for a periodic change in style and
 rhythm. You can initiate these changes yourself, or the impetus may
 come from a more irregular and volatile partner.
 VENUS Square NEPTUNE: You have a powerful imagination and like to fantasize a 
 great deal. These may be utopian dreams, ego trips, illusions, and 
 deceptions. Yet, your perception of things, although quite unorthodox, can be 
 amazingly accurate. In personal relationships this influence is more harmful 
 than it is helpful, for your expectation of your companions reaches a level 
 of perfection that is unfair and absurd. You idolize your mates, yet you are 
 more in love with being in love, and you find imaginary imperfections in 
 them. It would be so fortunate if you could utilize this influence 
 constructively, for, in view of your potent imagination, there is a vast 
 reservoir of creativity in you, particularly in philosophical and abstract 
 outlets. (See the house positions of Venus and Neptune.)

 Supplement: Venus Square Neptune  *
 Your imagination may cause you some difficulties. Your defenses
 usually go up whenever any one or anything seems to challenge you.
 They may not in fact be threatening you, but you still respond as if
 they were. It is not easy for you to see things clearly, and you are
 often ill-advised in your judgement. Instead of seeing the world
 through rose-colored glasses, you should understand that frequently
 you look at life through blinders which block out the truths you can
 not accept. Your outlook on life needs significant adjustment if you
 wish to avoid the many problems that are sure to develop. Your lack
 of concern about material matters can prove costly. Do not overextend
 yourself so that you are caught in a financial trap. Resist purchases
 on credit. You are easily entranced by appearance and often ignore
 the harsh realities of paying for what you have purchased.
 You are best suited to self-employment. You are so sensitive to
 people that most regular occupations, which require you to interact
 with others on a day-to-day basis, can produce anxiety and stress.
 Because you cannot handle frustration, it is doubtful that you could
 succeed in any competitive position over time, where you will likely
 get involved in disputes with co-workers or make self-righteous
 accusations you cannot really justify. You must reconstruct your
 attitudes so that tolerance of co-workers is a definitive component
 of your behavior, not an accidental byproduct. Find a type of outlet
 for your enormous creative ability so that when problems occur it is
 you alone who makes the decision as to how to resolve a situation.
 You will thus avoid or minimize inter-personal problems involving
 guilt or condemnation. In time, you will learn from your experiences
 and acquire a feel as to how to cope with a situation involving

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  20 

 someone else which you must confront. Meditation of some sort may
 also be used to acclimate yourself to endure external challenges
 with dignity and self-assurance.
 You may need to discipline yourself in your personal relationships
 and romantic ties. In some ways you have the tendency to encourage
 others to take advantage of you. Be cautious about making emotional
 commitments unless the other person has shown solid proof of honesty
 and sincerity. You should make a particular effort to reexamine your
 motives of your sexual and emotional desires before pursuing them
 actively. This is not a question of honesty or morality, but of
 making sure that you really desire what you think you desire, and
 that you will be satisfied if and when you achieve it. It is really
 important for you to take the time to reconsider a relationships or
 a companion which, it would appear at first glance, promises
 everything you want. You would also be wise not to take things for
 granted, that is, at their face value. By examining an affair
 realistically, you can avoid fashioning your companion and the
 relationship in a mold of your own dreams and wishes, injecting into
 them attributes which are really not there. The purpose here is not
 to introduce cynicism or excessive caution to every potential
 relationship or companion, rather it is to awaken you to your
 general tendency to misjudge the variables in these situations. By
 being totally honest with yourself and by seeking the opinions of
 trusted friends, you may gain a more realistic view of your
 situation. This applies to you more than most, for once you are
 already in an unsatisfactory bond, you find it quite difficult to
 extricate yourself, and your efforts to rectify the situation often
 make it only worse.

 MARS: Stands for applied energy, the urge to act, willpower, courage, 
 determination, endurance, self-reliance, independence, and physical 
 attraction. It is strongest in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Leo, or in 1st 
 and 8th houses; weakest in Taurus, Libra, and Cancer.

 Mars' influence on you is as follows:

 MARS in LEO: If Mars is positive, you are noble, active, fearless, 
 independent, dramatic and very passionate. You have a strong sense of honor 
 and responsibility. You can be embarrassingly direct and frank, and defend 
 your views forcefully. You can make enemies. But even your enemies envy your 
 adventurous and daring, indeed reckless, pursuit of business and life. The 
 intensity with which you court your mate has a momentum of its own. You go 
 all out. If Mars is adverse, it can bring about a violent temper, 
 difficulties in romance, problems with children and possible losses through 
 gambling and speculation. There is also a recklessness about you that makes 
 you accident-prone.

 MARS in 8th HOUSE: Your courage and fearlessness in facing life's ups and 
 downs are enviable. You simply do not give up. You like to control the 
 variables and people around you, but you also have the ability to help others 
 to structure their lives. You are temperamental, at times indeed reckless. 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  21 

 Your sexuality is potent but perhaps a bit raw. If Mars is adverse, your 
 temperament can reach absurd levels. You may depend on other people's 
 financial and emotional resources to fulfill personal goals. You can be 
 devious and manipulative.

 QUALITY: Mars is in a Fixed, Fire, and Extrovert Sign and in a Succedent 

 JUPITER: Stands for wisdom, understanding, generosity, benevolence, 
 philosophy (of life), expansion and growth, optimism, justice, riches, 
 excess, wanderlust: the planet of opportunity and good fortune, or the lack 
 of these. It is said that Jupiter's influence is generally felt after 

 Jupiter's influence on you is as follows:

 JUPITER in CANCER (Exalted Position): Depending on Jupiter's aspects at birth 
 and later, if positive, it will help you to become a sensitive, kind and 
 courteous person. Impressionable to the environment, you have a vivid and 
 powerful imagination. It can also help you to become rich from investments in 
 real estate. Your parents and family will be helpful throughout your life. 
 However if adverse, it can make you a person who is easily led astray, by 
 your own somewhat misguided imagination as well as by others. You may become 
 overweight too.

 JUPITER in 7th HOUSE: This promises success vis-a-vis intimate friends and 
 possibly through marriage. It also balances adverse influences elsewhere. 
 Avoid being selfish and you will get lots in return, including social esteem. 
 However if adverse, you could be burdened with an indulgent spouse, or your 
 marriage may be delayed, or you lose through bad partnerships and law suits.

 QUALITY: Jupiter is Exalted in this Cardinal, Water, and Introvert Sign and 
 in an Angular House.

 SATURN: Stands for the structure in life. If positive, it represents 
 discipline, concentration, earnestness, perseverance, patience, and common 
 sense. It can also bring about loneliness, isolation, inhibition, 
 constraints, limitations, and obstacles to progress. Its position at birth 
 and the aspects it forms later in life signal the periods of significant 
 restructuring of some aspect of one's life. These are the times when one is 
 induced to confront a major problem which may have been pushed aside until 
 then. Such periods are generally very important learning experiences which 
 are better appreciated after the fact. Unlike the other slow-moving planets, 
 Jupiter (good fortune and excess), Uranus (dynamic and agitating), Neptune 
 (nebulous and spiritual), and Pluto (intense and evolutionary), Saturn, even 
 at its best, is a sober and sobering planet. Its rewards do not come free but 
 after persistent hard work. They must be earned, but they also endure. If 
 Saturn is positive, it bestows stability to the affairs associated with the 
 house in which it is positioned.

 Saturn's influence on you is as follows:

 SATURN in GEMINI: Depending on Saturn's aspects at birth and later, you are 
 likely to reach your ambitions thru various mental pursuits and by 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  22 

 structuring your thoughts, perhaps in scientific fields. You have a good 
 sense of timing in things you wish to implement. Your mind is logical and 
 capable of deep concentration. But if Saturn is adverse, your education may 
 halt before completion; your mind may be more depressed and sober than 
 profound; your casual relationships less than congenial, or the number of 
 your acquaintances very limited.

 SATURN in 6th HOUSE: Depending on Saturn's aspects at birth and later, if 
 positive, it can bestow upon you a healthy constitution. You are capable of 
 profound levels of concentration and yet you can also deal with detail. You 
 are very responsible and a hard worker, though your jobs or personal projects 
 (perhaps in services or education) are taxing and demand lots of energy. 
 Although you are practical, you do feel burdened occasionally. However, if 
 adverse, Saturn can bring about a situation where you are unable to secure 
 employment for long periods, or you have a way of finding jobs (and working 
 conditions) which eventually make you unhappy. Your health may be poor , or 
 you have a way of driving yourself very hard in whatever you are doing, which 
 could lead to poor health.

 QUALITY: Saturn is in a Mutable, Air, and Extrovert Sign and in a Cadent 

 SATURN Conjunct URANUS: This is a severe influence externally and internally. 
 It is positive and adverse at the same time. Externally, it is unsettling 
 because Saturn's demand that you maintain the status quo and the existing 
 structure of things is contradicted by the revolutionary and agitating 
 Uranus. You are pulled from two opposing directions at the same time. It can 
 manifest as confused goals and approach to life. Internally the effect is 
 similar. Although you are willful, tenacious and tough, you are also under 
 immense inner tension. This could make you potentially explosive, certainly 
 unpredictable. It could take you some time to overcome this influence. If and 
 when you do, it can become a reservoir of strength. And if you wish to 
 implement a dream, this will be a driving force.

 Supplement: Saturn Conjunct Uranus  *
 This aspect strengthens a strong horoscope with magnetism,
 presence, and intensity, but weakens a weak one with confusion and
 indecision. It can bring about serious inner frustration and
 periodic violent temper. You have a strange attraction to unusual
 and bohemian people, things, and ideas, perhaps because you can
 identify with them. You protect your privacy and do not wish others
 to know or to interfere with it. This may be partially a protection
 against the fact that others may take you as overly eccentric if
 they knew the real you. You can be rather secretive, suspicious,
 reserved, and proud. Your mind has its own logic which, more often
 than not, can see the essence of a matter through the surrounding
 clutter. Suffice it to say that your mental processes are very
 complex, and unless Mercury and/or the signs Gemini or Virgo are
 accentuated in your chart, you may have difficulty in expressing
 yourself. You are independent and irascible despite a subtle
 inferiority complex, or perhaps because of this. At any rate, you

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  23 

 dance to your own tune, and keep your purposes to yourself. There is
 a potent ambition that underlines your progress, but sometimes you
 may encounter difficulties in implementation. This may be caused by
 the fact that frequently you cannot separate the practical from the
 ideal, the visionary from and the real, the theoretical from the
 factual. It may be that your goals are too complex, their
 implementation too arduous. Yet, you have the ability to give form
 to your many creative ideas. You are usually mature in your
 attitudes, which enables you to derive some benefit from everything
 you do. Your desire for freedom is matched by your capacity to earn
 it by carefully and efficiently mobilizing your resources for
 particular objectives. This self-discipline will always sustain you.
 You have a healthy respect for authority. You also have the drive
 and ambition to accomplish important long term projects which can
 assure your future security.
 Your professional potentials are almost unlimited because you are
 not afraid of the responsibilities and the demands of leadership.
 You have much to offer to the world in terms of understanding and
 experience. You comprehend the lessons of the past and you act
 aggressively to avoid ignorance in the future. These abilities
 should serve you well in group enterprises or sociopolitical
 endeavors. Fields such as science, mathematics, research, politics,
 the occult, and especially teaching are some of the areas in which
 your talents would be well challenged. You are comfortable in the
 company of rugged individuals who have high aims and ideals. Some of
 them may be adventurous types whose ambitions are outside the norm.
 Others may be self-motivated people who commit themselves to a
 particular, even a narrow, endeavor (eg, a watch maker). However,
 you are impatient with people who are motivated by superficial and
 provincial aims, since you doubt that they can serve the needs of
 the masses. Your life has purpose and direction, and your closest
 associates, people you admire, have similar goals. Since your goals
 are complex and taxing, you must relax periodically to recuperate
 and to reestablish order and priorities. Relaxation may mean
 periodically doing something different than the primary activity you
 are pursuing. You can easily drive yourself too hard. When tired,
 you become pessimistic about plans which otherwise seem to be going
 The following additional delineation is provided by Sirman!
 While aspects between the ponderous planets do not directly relate
 to sexuality, in this case sexuality may be an important byproduct.
 That is, Saturn Conjunct Uranus involves enormous levels of
 intensity, inner tension, obsession, strong passions, and self-
 denial. These may be experienced as a consequence or a symptom of
 very demanding ambitions and all-consuming work. Therefore, frequent
 sexual activity may be one way in which you can relax and overcome
 mental exhaustion. Unfortunately, this is not the most romantic way
 to enjoy intimacy. It is likely to be totally self-gratifying,
 indeed selfish, and inconsiderate of the feelings of your companion.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  24 

 To be frank, intimacy experienced under these circumstances is
 seldom the physical expression of love one presumably shares with
 one's companion. Rather it is more a glorified masturbation.
 Frequently it may not even matter who the partner is. Thus, problems
 will surely develop.
 There are two long-term ways in which these problems can be
 anticipated and confronted by a male native: 1) the companion is one
 who can comfortably play the role of the (historically) "subservient
 wife" (no negative connotation implied), or one from a different
 culture which still identifies women in that image, and 2)
 compartmentalize the activities involving the companion and the
 ambitions so that there is minimum overlap. Since the roles of men
 and women in eastern societies are traditional, the problem outlined
 here is more applicable to individuals in western cultures, in
 particular industrialized societies in which more and more women can
 experiment with roles traditionally reserved for men. For a western
 woman facing this situation the solution may be even more difficult,
 for she who prompts this circumstance will be the one to rebel
 against her male companion who accepts such a role. Since most
 societies experience mixed emotions about a man in a subservient
 role, whether truly so or merely accommodating the situation,
 infidelity (if she is married) and promiscuity (if not) is likely to
 result. And since western societies are also predominantly
 Christian, thus very concerned with sin and guilt, soon she will
 become a wooden image of her former self: hardened, selfish,
 bitchy... while supposedly successful.
 So a very natural act that initially began as a way to relax and to
 overcome tension will eventually evolve to greater inner tension and
 unhappiness in general. This may be one of the reasons, or a
 contributing factor, as to why many professional man and women (eg,
 doctors, lawyers, movie stars) consumed by obsessive ambition, even
 after they have achieved success, commit adultery, divorce-remarry-
 divorce their former companions, experiment with alcohol and drugs,
 and experience severe depression. Perhaps these are their futile
 efforts and silent cries of attempting to recapture their former
 zest, sense of romance, the "child" in them, their identity... Many
 commit suicide. The best solution maybe the solution proposed
 earlier: to learn to compartmentalize the ambitions and the human
 needs, with minimum overlap. If there is no companion, one should
 make an attempt to find one, or to pursue a vocation totally
 unrelated to primary activities (eg raising tomatoes). Perhaps this
 is exactly what is implied, in the case of a doctor, in the old
 saying "do not bring your patient home". Apparently some people with
 huge ambitions are able to do this: realize their ambitions and
 still maintain their inner happiness.
 SATURN Sextile PLUTO: Your tenacity is a 'Magnificent Obsession' that will 
 move mountains out of your way. You are capable of immense achievements. 
 These will likely come later in life and after a few mountains. But with 
 evolutionary Pluto and no-nonsense and practical Saturn behind you, it is 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  25 

 almost certain that you will maximize your potentials and become very 
 successful. Your dreams could become a reality.

 Supplement: Saturn Sextile Pluto  *
 You are an efficient and diligent worker whose stamina and tenacity
 pave the way to achieving your ambitions. You have a superb sense
 and ability for organization. This helps you to improve your work
 methods and increases your efficiency. Hard work does not discourage
 you, but you may need to cultivate your creativity. You can maintain
 your concentration almost indefinitely and instinctively know how to
 manage your affairs so that they yield the greatest benefit. Your
 thinking is organized, your purposes are realistic, and your
 attention to duty guarantees success. You recognize that social
 changes are inevitable. You accept your share of the
 responsibilities in the scheme of things, certain that you can make
 a viable contribution. You realize that you must plan carefully in
 order to succeed. Knowing that nothing can be left to chance, you
 organize your resources in such a way as to achieve the optimum
 results. You understand your abilities and shortcomings and
 establish your goals and objectives accordingly. You are prepared to
 accept any and all responsibilities so that you can reach position
 you desire. You are not surprised by your success, for you are aware
 of your enormous efforts to that end. You are not afraid that you
 will fail, nor do you feel threatened by anyone, because you have
 built your position on a firm foundation.
 You know that experience is the best teacher, but you also value
 education and training as a means to expand your opportunities.
 These attitudes enable you to fill many positions. You realize that
 the benefits you derive are in direct proportion to your
 contribution, and your attitude is recognized by your superiors,
 thus opening the path to promotion. You are humble enough to seek
 advice and guidance from more experienced people. Although you are
 understanding of the motives of other people, you are not always
 tolerant of their complaints or incompetence. You expect a lot from
 those under you, and you can be vindictive toward an unqualified
 person who tries to gain a high position. But you prefer to discuss
 mutual differences rather than let a misunderstanding spoil a
 relationship. Security is important to you and is perhaps the
 motivation fueling your urge to succeed. You are also aware of the
 general misconception of people to view money as a universal problem
 solver. You respect the power of money, but you will not be
 dominated by the compulsion to accumulate a fortune.
 You can guide a love relationship with a steady hand, without
 becoming overly possessive of your companion. However, you know when
 to put a stop to a situation when things begin to get out of hand.
 You are fairly secure and not easily threatened in your conviction
 that a substantial relationship will not suffer if you or your
 partner exercise reasonable freedom, that indeed, a good
 relationship cannot become better if such reasonable freedom is not

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  26 


 URANUS: Is a dynamic planet that gives rise to sudden realizations and 
 changes that affect one's direction in life for better or worse. It can 
 activate events that have remained dormant. If positive, it manifests as 
 independence, freedom, enthusiasm, and mobility. Otherwise it may bring about 
 agitation, nervous tension, erratic and impulsive behavior, rebelliousness, 
 and obstinacy. Under its influence one's state of mind may be intuitive and 
 original or eccentric and erratic. Depending on its position, the 
 realizations and events associated with Uranus may be reforming (how to 
 improve the status quo) or anarchic (how to break away from or change the 
 status quo). Its effect, for example, if positively placed in 5th house or in 
 positive aspect to the Natal Sun, Moon, or Venus, is likely to signal a 
 period of stimulating activity, romantic encounters, originality, and 
 creative urges. (The dates shown for the signs apply to dates after 1927.)

 Uranian influence on you is as follows:

 URANUS in GEMINI: You are the 8/1942-6/49 Generation: bestowed with quick and 
 very original mind, you are versatile, progressive, and possess good 
 communication and organizational skills. However, depending on the aspects to 
 Uranus at birth and later, you will be able to achieve a great deal, perhaps 
 in scientific or technical areas, or, you will become a restless eccentric 
 and scatter your energy. You are also accident-prone.

 URANUS in 6th HOUSE: You need to be careful with your nervous system. You are 
 hyper. This also reflects in your work and personal projects which you change 
 frequently because you are bored with routine. Yet your approach to things is 
 too often a 'Magnificent Obsession'. Although you are not irresponsible, you 
 may act that way, particularly at your place of work, when you are ready to 
 move on, because your inner restlessness seeks outward manifestation, a 
 reason or cause which drives you away from the old on to the new.

 QUALITY: Uranus is in a Mutable, Air, and Extrovert Sign and in a Cadent 

 Note: Uranian aspects to Neptune/Pluto affect many in your generation. 
 Depending upon your environment and circumstances, the results may remain 
 dormant, or be noticeable at mid-life or later.

 URANUS Trine NEPTUNE: Depending on house positions of Neptune and Uranus, 
 this can be a potent combination: very strong intuition, imagination, 
 inspiration, and idealism. It is not all in the spiritual realm either. At 
 its most potent form, you can set a profound new direction for others to 
 follow. This could include those in your environment as well as the public at 
 large. At the same time, you could be the ultimate romantic, but like the sea 
 and the sailor, your romantic companion is life itself. You like to 
 experience it as deeply and as richly as you can. Perhaps you can enrich 
 others with your experiences.

 Supplement: Uranus Trine Neptune (by Sirman)  *

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  27 

 A generation of people share this aspect in their charts. It is an
 aspect that improves a good horoscope, lending some support to a bad
 one. It enhances material benefits, sharpens one's perceptions, and
 provides a capable mind with a wide scope of vision.
 Your mind has a vision and logic of its own. You will not
 automatically accept an idea on the grounds that it is the one
 promoted or adhered to by the majority. Your intellectual mind
 requires that you evaluate the logic of all ideologies, dogmas, or
 theories, whether they are political, philosophical, or religious.
 You feel that you cannot support a particular belief until you
 understand thoroughly how and why it was established. You seek the
 truth, not popular thoughts or illusions. You are especially
 suspicious of suggestions which propose to alter your values and
 life-style, thus your destiny.
 All this scrutiny is really not surprising, for while you can be
 extremely tolerant of other views, as long as you are not challenged
 by them, you have an extremely original and far-seeing mind that is
 perfectly attuned to philosophical theses. And, if educated and
 there are other supporting aspects, you are not only familiar with
 what has been said, but you have your own original concepts and
 formulations concerning every imaginable topic that affects the
 individual or humanity. These are not on-the-spot opinions which
 most people use in casual conversations. There is cause and effect
 and logical context to almost all of your arguments. While not
 necessarily quick-on-the-draw as people with debate-enhancing
 aspects in their chart, unless you too have such aspect in your
 chart, once you make your presentation, there are really no
 loopholes left for anyone to probe. All in all, these qualities make
 you ideally gifted as a teacher or professor, counselor, statesman,
 judge, religious or spiritual leader, or a mover of masses. However,
 the "universal" person in you may also dictate that you become a
 roaming philosopher who is destined to experience as much as
 possible of what planet earth has to offer.
 In love, your most stimulating experiences will be a consequence
 living out your fantasies. And you do have a preponderance of them.
 They are vivid and in full color. You are so accepting of all
 matters relating to people, that it is difficult to conceive a
 subject that you would consider a taboo. Depending on other aspects
 in your chart, this would also make you an experimenting, perhaps
 promiscuous, person capable to indulge in a wide range of colorful
 URANUS Sextile PLUTO: This is an evolutionary combination. If you find an 
 outlet for the energy, there is a vast potential in you for major 
 accomplishments. It will become a contribution of major proportions.

 Supplement: Uranus Sextile Pluto (by Sirman)  *
 You are a nonconformist, but do not feel the need to induce others

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  28 

 to follow your lifestyle too. Your unique and original approach
 helps you to get more from life than most people, but you may have
 to cultivate more deliberate outlets for your energies. An
 energizing factor within the horoscope, squares in general, but more
 importantly squares of Mars, may be needed if you are to succeed and
 actualize your potential. Otherwise you can become purposeless,
 doing what you feel like doing at the time.
 You generally voice your displeasure when you observe injustice or
 dishonesty, may it be perpetrated by the government, a company, or a
 powerful individual. Waste is another area of displeasure,
 especially if it is a waste of funds. You have the courage and
 determination to arouse the public when you witness such
 developments. So one way to utilize your inherent talents is to be
 directly involved as an auditor, conservationist, or a reporter, or
 indirectly in whatever vocation you are pursuing. It is important to
 point out the distinction: you do not break a trust, however, you
 will become the "leak" in your position if you notice that others
 are breaking public trust. So it is a matter of relative priorities
 to you.
 The considerable talent you have for analyzing human motivations may
 achieve conflicting results in your relationship. You use this
 innate talent generally to better understand the essence of
 phenomena, in this case your companion. You are able to do this in
 such a way that you do not risk emotional injury, for example, by
 unnecessarily uprooting one's past. Indeed, you prefer not to become
 involved in these types of discussions on a personal level with your
 companion, for you recognize their ponderous effect on the
 relationship. You do not normally, unless, of course, you begin to
 notice that something serious is disturbing your companion. Since
 you do not recognize intellectual taboos, you will insist that the
 matter is brought to the open. If the problem is essentially a
 handicap within your companion with which he/she cannot come to
 terms, you will approach the issue logically. Although you are quite
 effective in outlining the cause and effect and pertinent context to
 the issue on hand, alas you will likely not resolve the problem. As
 it is frequently the case on these occasions, your companion will
 probably be not ready emotionally to identify with your outline. In
 spite of your ability to reduce the most complex abstract problem
 into tangible sub-components, you can be guilty of not fully
 appreciating of one of the most basic elements of human nature: your
 inability to see that logic alone cannot solve problems with which
 people have been burdened most of their lives. Thus, intentions
 aside, you can indeed exacerbate the problem. Be aware of this and
 learn to be patient.

 NEPTUNE: Depending upon the nature of its influence, it is the planet of 
 visions (or delusions), perception and inspiration (or fantasy), sympathy and 
 understanding (or deception and abuse of love), receptivity (or 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  29 

 impressionability), and otherwise of fraud, confusion, disrepute, and 
 possible scandal if adverse. Note: There is a whole generation (14 years) of 
 people with Neptune in the same sign. 8.3% of these will have Neptune in the 
 same house, but only those who were born at the same (or equivalent) time as 
 you will have similar aspects to Neptune (which were pointed out for each 
 planet earlier in the report).

 Neptune's influence on you is as follows:

 NEPTUNE in VIRGO: (Detriment Position)- You are the 7/1929-8/43 Generation: a 
 caring quality and ability to comfort others, but burdened by all the (real 
 and imagined) miseries and ails of life; (a hypochondriac?)

 NEPTUNE in 9th HOUSE: Since the 9th House is (already) the home of higher 
 mind and thoughts, with Neptune here, your imagination is potent and without 
 limits. There will be periodic flashes of genius which could lead to rewards. 
 But depending on Neptune's aspects at birth and later, your mind could be 
 roaming in the clouds, confusing reality with wishful thinking, and 
 impractical (or trusting) in down-to-earth matters. In either case, there is 
 the likelihood of rich experiences (and profit) through travel to foreign 

 QUALITY: Neptune is in Detriment in this Mutable, Earth, and Introvert Sign 
 and in a Cadent House.

 PLUTO: The evolutionary or revolutionary planet. Its effect is 'Destiny at 
 Work'. It is the manifestation of power and the use of power, regenerative 
 forces, of the end of a phase of life and new beginnings. There is a whole 
 generation (10 to 30 years) of people with Pluto in the same sign, 8.3% of 
 these will have Pluto in the same house, but only those who were born at the 
 same (or equivalent) time as you will have similar aspects to Pluto (which 
 were pointed out for each planet earlier in the report.)

 Pluto's influence on you is as follows:

 PLUTO in LEO: (Fall Position): You are the 10/37-9/57 'Flower' Generation: 
 ambitious, creative, and demonstrative. You possess leadership qualities, 
 crave the limelight, and have high ideals and noble purposes.

 PLUTO in 8th HOUSE: Pluto can be your protective guide leading you on an 
 evolutionary path of growth, realizations and different life-styles. 
 Depending on Pluto's aspects at birth and later, you will self-actualize or 
 be severely hindered.

 QUALITY: Pluto is in Fall in this Fixed, Fire, and Extrovert Sign and in a 
 Succedent House.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  30 

 NORTH NODE (NN): 'Line of Advantage' and 'Arcs of Increased/Dwarfed Stature' 
 are terms sometimes used (re, Nicholas De Vore, Encyclopedia of Astrology) in 
 conjunction with Moon's Ascending Node (North Node, NN). Accordingly, the 
 Line runs between the cusps of 3rd decanate--ie:the last 10 degrees of 30 deg 
 allocated to each sign/house--of the 3rd and 9th Houses. A position of NN 
 EAST of this line--Arc of Increased Stature--with the peak at the cusp of the 
 12th House is considered favorable; West with the peak at the cusp of 6th 
 House as unfavorable.

 The position of NN can show whether there was an eclipse condition shortly 
 before or after birth. Thus, the NN (and its counterpart, SN) are said to 
 point to places in the Natal chart where something is likely to happen at a 
 given time in life. The Sign-House positions of the NN are interpreted in the 
 following paragraphs. The aspects to NN or SN are not important Unless a 
 planet is either Conjunct to NN or to SN--the latter is the same as 
 Opposition to NN. A planet Conjunct to NN is said to bring honors and riches; 
 in Opposition afflictions. The nature of these depend on the characteristics 
 of the planet(s) and house(s) so involved.

 North Node's influence (re, Traditional) on you is as follows:

 N.Node in VIRGO: If you escape disagreements arising from your tendency 
 toward uncalled criticism, this would favor good work associations, perhaps 
 in scientific, teaching, or research institutes.

 N.Node in 9TH HOUSE: You cater to associations with kindred minds; possess an 
 aptitude for team-work in the spheres of law, administration, utopian ideals, 
 or philosophical concepts. You may pursue these in foreign countries too.

 According to the Line of Advantage interpretation, in your case the NN is 
 positioned in the 'Arc of Increased Stature' which promises Honors and Riches 
 in the house affairs in which the NN is positioned.

 In turn, according to the more common Classical Interpretation (which may or 
 may not reinforce the Line of Advantage version), you have no planets 
 conjunct or in opposition to the NN. Its influence in your Natal potentials 
 is limited to the observations already presented.


 NORTH NODE: The following definition of the North Node (NN), or the Dragon's 
 Head, is provided by Dr. Ebertin. Principle: Association or Alliance. 
 Psychologically: Compatibility, adaptability, sociability, obliging manners, 
 good fellowship, or lack of these. Biologically: The subconscious memory. 
 Sociologically: Meetings, alliances, societies, blood-ties, relations...

 North Node's influence (re, Dr. Ebertin) on you is as follows:

 NN in VIRGO: This is likely to manifest as:  preference for professional 
 associations, connection with teaching or research institutes, or adversely, 
 disagreements brought about by undeserved criticism and nagging.

 NN in  9th HOUSE: This is likely to manifest as:  association with kindred 
 mind and souls, an aptitude for team-work in the sphere of the law and 
 administration, upholding a particular outlook on life, and utopian 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  31 

 objectives advocated jointly with others.

 QUALITY: North Node is in a Mutable, Earth, and Introvert Sign and in a 
 Cadent House.

 N.Node Sextile MERCURY: The North Node and Mercury aspects signify the 
 pursuit of joint interests vis-a-vis groups and associations. In this case, 
 there is sociability, an inclination to exchange stimulating ideas with 
 others, and intellectual curiosity. These can bring about interesting social 
 as well as business contacts.

 N.Node Sextile JUPITER: The North Node and Jupiter aspects signify good 
 relationships and connections in general, pleasant contacts in particular. In 
 this case, there is sociability, fellowship, tact, and a harmonious way of 
 relating to people. These characteristics can lead to advantageous business 
 partnerships and intimate attachments.

 N.Node Square SATURN: The North Node and Saturn aspects signify one's 
 inhibitions and limitations in relating to others. They highlight the 
 potential for isolation. In this case, there is a lack of adaptability and 
 the inability to cooperate with others. These may manifest as difficulties, 
 disadvantages, and depression experienced in close relationships and 

 N.Node Square URANUS: The North Node and Uranus aspects signify life's 
 experiences shared with others. These include colleagues, political ties, 
 co-workers and partners, and the family. In this case, there is the 
 likelihood that these natives are restless and irritable in close 
 relationships. These may give rise to upsetting experiences, disputes, 
 quarrels, and other difficulties shared jointly.

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  32 

 Astrological Terms

 When astrology speaks of planets and signs, it refers to the type of energy 
 generated by them and the influence of this energy on a person on planet 
 Earth. In other words, each planet and each sign is attributed with a unique 
 personality. Some of the planets blend well with some of the signs, do not 
 with others. In cases where the two blend well, the planet is said to be in 
 DIGNITY, EXALTED, or RULER of the Sign; when they do not, the planet is in 
 DETRIMENT or in FALL. The 12 Houses, in turn, are 30-degree sections of the 
 sky around planet Earth. They are also associated with characteristics 
 generally referred to as Affairs of Life (eg, 7th house of marriage and 
 partnerships). The houses normally overlap with the signs. Astrology is the 
 quasi-science of predicting the influence of a particular planet, sign, and 
 house combination. That is, the question as to how the energy generated by 
 this combination is likely to manifest on an individual who has this pattern 
 in his/her chart. Since the different planetary energies interact with one 
 another, the pure energy of a given planet in a given sign and house is 
 further analyzed in terms of the angles it forms to other planets. The most 
 important ones are the Major Aspects: Conjunction (two or more planets are 
 near one another), Opposition (180 degrees apart), Trine (120 degrees or four 
 signs apart), Square (90 degrees or three signs apart), and Sextile (60 
 degrees or two signs apart). Of these, some conjunctions, the Trine, and the 
 Sextile are considered harmonious, while other conjunctions, the Square, and 
 the Opposition are designated as adverse.

 The Natal or Birth Potentials chart may be the simplest of astrological 
 analyses in terms of the number of variables involved. But even then the 
 analysis must take into account the combined influences of 13 planets and 
 energy sources in 12 30-degree signs and 12 30-degree houses, 5 major 
 aspects, and many other qualitative factors. The combination of all possible 
 influences is enormous. This is why there are, and will always be, large 
 ambiguous gray areas in astrology. Although many influences are already well 
 (if not fully) understood and there exist good educated guesses about as many 
 others, the real difficulty in astrological predictions is not so much in the 
 number of combinations, rather it is in that frequently the predictions are 
 overwhelmed by non-astrological elements such as genetic factors, upbringing, 
 environment, and circumstances. That is, there are many persons who share 
 President Bush's chart...

 A planet is RETROGRADE when it appears to be moving backward (eg, Aries to 
 Pisces). It turns DIRECT when its apparent retrograde motion is over and the 
 planet moves in its normal direction: ie, Pisces to Aries, Taurus, Gemini, 
 Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and 
 Pisces again. Except for the Sun and the Moon, all planets are retrograde 
 during some periods (eg, Saturn is retrograde about 139 days every year). 
 Moon's North Node is always retrograde. According to traditional 
 interpretation, when a planet is retrograde, its positive qualities are 
 diminished and its less desirable qualities enhanced. The TRIPLICITY of Signs 
 refers to: FIRE-Aries/Leo/Sagittarius, EARTH-Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn, 
 AIR-Gemini/Libra/Aquarius, and WATER-Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces. The Fire and Air 
 signs are considered as Masculine or Extrovert. In general, CARDINAL signs, 
 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn, are generators of activity and energy. They are 
 self-motivated and ambitious. FIXED signs, Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius, show 
 concentration of energy. They are fixed, consistent, predictable, stable, and 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  33 

 accumulating. MUTABLE signs, Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces, are translators 
 of energy. They are changeable, versatile, adaptable, and resourceful. Fire 
 signs display dynamic creativity. They are stimulating and action-oriented; 
 Earth signs possess depth, practicality, and stability; Air signs are 
 interacting, channeling, and communicating; Water signs are considered as 
 emotional, sensitive, intuitive, inspired, and inspirational. The term 
 POLARITIES refers to opposing signs: Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, 
 Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo/Aquarius, and Virgo/Pisces.  All 
 signs, in turn, are attributed with positive and negative characteristics.

 The affairs associated with each of the 12 houses is best reviewed in an 
 astrology text book. ANGULAR houses are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and the 10th. 
 Traditional astrology views the planets in angular houses as more powerful. 
 For example, the Sun in 10th House accentuates one's career and professional 
 life, the mark one is likely to leave on the world, authority figures with 
 whom one must deal, including parents (father), and fame (or infamy) and 
 reputation. SUCCEDENT Houses (2/5/8/11), according to traditional astrology, 
 highlight the outcome of actions taken by the planets in angular houses. They 
 highlight the direction of one's energy and resources. They are also said to 
 bring a stabilizing influence. CADENT Houses (3/6/9/12), in turn, signify 
 human relationships and transitional stages of being. They highlight 
 adaptability to situations and circumstances rather than the mark one is 
 likely to make on the world.

 All of these definitions are general, qualitative, and elusive until one 
 gradually develops a feel for astrology. This is when each characteristic 
 acquires a more distinct and tangible definition; when one learns to 
 differentiate between a Capricorn and a Libra; when the pieces begin to fit 
 the puzzle, and when one can no longer remain a skeptic...

 Final Comments

 Remember, the planetary influences at birth are positive and testing 
 potentials with which you are born.  Some of these influences, particularly 
 those involving the ponderous planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and 
 Pluto) are likely to surface after you have reached adulthood.  You will 
 recognize their effect on you after the fact.  Others will remain dormant for 
 a long time.  They will be triggered by the Transiting planets, as for 
 example Neptune entering Capricorn , and Pluto entering Scorpio in 1984/85 
 for a long stay in these signs. The remaining influences are variables with 
 which you will learn to interact. You will need to nurture them as they will 

 The positive influences at birth are free gifts which will assist you in 
 achieving your ambitions. They will make things easier for you and serve as a 
 cushion during hard times. But too many free gifts can spoil you by taking 
 out the incentive for improvement, as too many adverse ones can make your 
 life difficult and you a hard person.

 While reading your chart keep in mind that there will be contradictory 
 observations. This is inherent in all of us. In addition, while some aspects 
 may be positively or adversely reinforced by others, other aspects, 
 particularly the adverse ones, may be mellowed, indeed cancelled on the 
 surface. Thus, if the text say for Venus Square Saturn in your case seems a 
 bit harsh or even inapplicable, this can be explained. If Venus and/or Saturn 
 form positive aspects (ie, Trine and Sextile) to, for example, Mercury, Moon, 

                                                     SIRMAN: Page  34 

 and Mars, then they will compensate for the Venus Square Saturn. In analyzing 
 your chart you should carefully review the following:

 1) Aspects: The influence of a planet by sign and house alone (say Jupiter in 
 Cancer and 7th House), while meaningful, is very broad. (8.5% of all persons 
 born in that year will have the same!) IT IS THE ASPECTS Jupiter forms (if 
 any) to other planets which will highlight Jupiter's presence in that 
 position. Aspects, depending on the aspects and planets involved, will 
 emphasize AND activate specific qualities in Jupiter's influence.

 2) Study Aspects: Since aspects have a significant modifying effect on 
 planetary influences, they must be carefully reviewed. In that context, you 
 are reminded that the aspects are computed as Celestial angles in this 
 report, not as mere differences in Longitude.  That is, the Latitude (or 
 Declination/Altitude depending on the Longitude measure being used) are 
 included in the aspect as part of the Celestial (spherical) surface.  Thus, 
 the Sun at 0 Cancer 0 and Pluto at 3 Cancer 0 but at 4 North Latitude are 5 
 degrees apart, not 3.

 3) In the case of some planets the text may read a bit confusing; eg.'If 
 Saturn is +, the influence will be this way; if - the influence will be that 
 way.' You need to review All of the aspects between Saturn and the other 
 planets. If the aspects are predominantly positive, then Saturn is positive. 
 If not, then Saturn is predominantly adverse in the chart. Planets conjunct 
 to Mars (except Venus), Saturn, Uranus (except Venus), Neptune (sometimes), 
 and Pluto are generally adverse. You need to do this for each planet. You 
 will then develop an accurate feel for the positive as well as adverse 

 4) You may wish to enhance your understanding of the birth potentials in a 
 context of the present planetary cycle (eg, 'where you are at in life 
 presently') through a Transit analysis.

 The testing influences are more important than the helping ones, for the way 
 you deal with them throughout your life will ultimately determine your 
 destiny. If you allow it, they can lead you on a path of self-defeat by 
 becoming your permanent excuses as to why you could not realize your 
 ambitions. On the other hand, if you do not allow them to rule you, if you 
 learn to overcome and rule them, they can become the more reliable assets, 
 for by conquering them you will have learned to conquer yourself. You will 
 evolve into a stronger and better person than if you had not been under these 
 influences. This chart is prepared with the (only) objective of helping you 
 to understand yourself so that you can achieve the latter result.

 Best wishes to You on Your path, SIRMAN