AsterPro Numerology Report

Page as of Oct. 5, 2001

Note: This report shows the format of the Cover Page for all Asterpro
====  reports.  At the bottom of the page, of course, it will print
      your address, should you use AsterPro for commercial purposes.

                                    Numerology Report

                                    For: ETERNAL 2299+IN NUM-BIO

                                    Date: 08-29-2001

Note: This is an "Eternal" Numerology Report, that you can generate forever. I made a dummy
===== entry in the Database called @ETERNAL--also to make the output save in its own folder.
      I entered all legitimate birth info, BUT the Year of Birth which I entered as 2299.
      Since AsterPro stops computing planets beyond 2300AD, the Database will not accept birth
      years exceeding 2300. However, years >=2299 trigger the Numerology (and Biorhythm) Module
      to confirm/change the birth year, which I did, supposedly to 9999AD below and ran
      Numerology for year 10050, as seen on the top line of the report next page. In other
      words, this is a way in which you can make the Numerology Module work "eternally" for you.

Sirman & AsterPro

2301 Collins A1441

Miami Beach; FL 33139



                                                      AsterPro:Page  1 

ETERNAL (Year=2299), 7/15/9999: Native & Personal Numbers for AD 10050
     Your Numbers are:         <--C o m p o u n d #-->     Pythagor.Chaldean
                                 _____________________       ________ ______
1 - Destiny # (re:Birth Date)== 3;  2 - Birthday # (2nd Life-Cycle)= 15= 6
3 - Individual.-Sun: 199415//3531799 ; 312415//3531112            3        5
4 - Motivation-Moon:    91//519 ; 11//511                         7        9
5 - Personality-ASC:    1945//3379 ; 3245//3312                   5        5
6 - Key-1st Name-Career:          199415 ; 312415                 2        7
7 - Cornerstone,Values   - - - - - 1st init: 1st  Name - - - >    1        3
8 - Instinctive Desires  - - - - - 1st vowel:1st  Name - - - >    9        1
9 - Family (Name) Traits:         3531799 ; 3531112               1        7
10- Physical Plane --------------- # of 4,5 in 3) Above ----->    3        3
11- Mental Plane   --------------- # of 1,8 in 3) Above ----->    3        5
12- Emotional Plane -------------- # of 2,3,6 in 3) Above --->    2        5
13- Intuitive Plane -------------- # of 7,9 in 3) Above ----->    5        0
14- 1st Life-Cycle(Birth Month)= 7= 7;   15- 3rd Life-Cycle(Birth Year)= 9
16- Master Number(s)-Sum=11 or 22: ---> 6)  ;  Above!
17- Repeat Number(s)-Pythag.:(1 - 9)in 3) Above 3 0 2 1 2 0 1 0 4
18- Repeat Number(s)-Caldean:(1 - 9)in 3) Above 5 2 3 1 2 0 0 0 0
19- Personal # in  10050= 9;Month #s,1-12: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3         
20- Days,1-31: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
21- Day  #s -> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4

Note: The #s under 1) 2) 14) 15) 19) and 21) are same for both systems!
The Personal #s for Year,Month,Day Apply to You as they are or as Numbers   
which 'add' to them. ex: 426=>4+2+6=12=>1+2=3: 426 or 12 or 3 all apply!     

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  2 

Hints and Guidelines to Interpretation

*  In view of the fact that there are a multiplicity of numbers derived for 
any given chart, and that different sets of numbers are derived for both the 
Pythagorean and Chaldean systems, the report provides interpretations for ALL 
numbers, not merely the numbers derived for a particular person.

*  The Destiny number (Item 1 on Page 1), Birthday number (Item 2), and the 
Personal Year/Month/Day numbers (Items 19 and 20) are the same under both 
systems. The numbers for the remaining categories may or may not be the same.

*  The Chaldean system is said to be the more accurate of the two. However, 
you should judge this yourself independently (for example) by preparing 
reports for yourself for different years and months in the past and by 
comparing the predictions for the numbers derived under the two systems to the 
reality of the events in your life in these years and months. The system that 
provides the more accurate delineations more consistently is the one you 
should use.

*  The Native numbers are tabulated (on Page 1) in the order of their relative 
importance. The Birthday number (Item 2) is more important than say the Key 
number (Item 6). However, these numbers all describe a different aspect of a 
person. Therefore, they all have some significance. The Personal 
Year/Month/Day numbers, of course, have independent significance.

*  In evaluating the numbers for items 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 to 14, you should 
interpret not only the numbers shown on the right 2 columns, but also the 
Repeat numbers shown in the (middle) Compound column. For example, if your Key 
number, as derived from ALL of the alphabets in your first name, is a 2 
(Pythagorean) and a 7 (Chaldean), and the Compound numbers are 199415 
(Pythagorean) and 312415 (Chaldean), you should analyze first the 2, then 1 
and 9 (repeat) under Pythagorean; then 7 and 1 (repeat) under Chaldean to 
obtain a more complete picture of yourself, and to decide which of the two 
systems describes you better.

*  You should note that the numbering of the alphabets proceeds according to a 
different formula under the two systems. In addition, the Chaldean system 
utilizes your more common (first) name in the formula. For example, if your 
name is Franklin formally, but you are called Frank by everyone, then the 
Pythagorean system utilizes Franklin, whereas the Chaldean system utilizes 
Frank. Moreover, there is no 9 in the Chaldean system, but if the compound 
numbers do add to 9, then 9 remains and is considered to be a more powerful 
Master Number.

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  3 

*  In addition to interpreting the actual number and repeat numbers you should 
also investigate if the sum of the Compund number is 11 or 22--the compound 
number for Sirman is 199415 under the Pythagorean system. The derivation from
it is 1+9+9+1+5=29, or 2+9=11, or 1+1=2. In this case you would analyze 2 
(actual); 1 and 9 (repeats), and 11 (Master Number).

*  In addition to the repeat numbers presented in Items 17 and 18 (derived 
from your name) on page 1, you should also tabulate the frequency of ALL (1 to 
9) your numbers listed for Items 1 to 15 under both the Pythagorean and 
Caldean systems. Start with the number with the highest frequency and list 
them in descending frequency. This will provide a 'Composite' profile of you 
which you can analyze using the text provided for each number.

*  When dealing with Numerology (or other metaphysical interpretations) you 
should always remember that these are not exact sciences. What we know about 
them in volume and quality may be less than what we do not know. This is not 
to say that you should dismiss the interpretations; rather, do not rely on 
them entirely and exclusively in deed or thought and, however cumbersome and 
time-consuming, do your own research both to learn more and to contribute.

General Characteristics of Numbers

1 => Leo: There is a strong correspondence between this number and 
characteristics of sign Leo.  You are by nature determined, forceful, daring, 
demonstrative, original, creative, inventive, and definite in your points of 
view. You can be a natural leader by taking charge of a situation. You would 
make an excellent manager, director, president, or supervisor. However, you 
should be aware also of some of your negative potentials: bossy, selfish, 
arrogant, domineering, and weak-minded. Your element is Fire which represents 
energy and force.

2 => Cancer: There is a strong correspondence between this number and 
characteristics of sign Cancer.  You are by nature gentle, imaginative, 
considerate, persuasive, and romantic. Since you are impressionable and 
receptive to people and environment, choose them with care. Your love of 
music, poetry, painting, dance, and drama is in harmony with your sense of 
Peace. However, you should be aware also of some of your negative potentials: 
overly sensitive, easily swayed, moody, indecisive, and petty. Your element is 
Water which represents feelings and emotions.

3 => Sagittarius and Pisces: There is a strong correspondence between this 
number and characteristics of sign Sagittarius and Pisces.  You are by nature 
proud, ambitious, and independent. You do not like restraints or close 
supervision. You can be a hard and conscientious worker and would do well in 
areas involving the arts, government, travel, and religion. You are also a 
popular and sociable person. However, you should be aware also of some of your 
negative potentials: superficial, dictatorial, vain, boastful, pessimistic, 
extravagant, and gossiping. Your element is Fire which represents energy and 

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  4 

4 => Aquarius: There is a strong correspondence between this number and 
characteristics of sign Aquarius.  You like to think of yourself as different 
in some way from the rest. You do have a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and 
vision; you do not like external rules and regulations. Your mind can be 
mechanical, mathematical, and inventive. However, you should be aware also of 
some of your negative potentials: fear of change, rigid, dogmatic, stubborn, 
melancholy, dull, boring, and slow. Your element is Air which represents 
mental and intellectual qualities.

5 => Gemini and Virgo: There is a strong correspondence between this number 
and characteristics of sign Gemini and Virgo.  You are outgoing and sociable. 
You love change, travel, variety, and your freedom. There is an intellectual 
side to you. You dislike manual labor. You are also adaptable and thrive under 
stress. You should guard against impulsive acts. However, you should be aware 
also of some of your negative potentials: careless, indifferent, 
overindulgent, 'wandering', wasteful, and irritable. Your element is Air which 
represents mental and intellectual qualities.

6 => Taurus and Libra: There is a strong correspondence between this number 
and characteristics of sign Taurus and Libra.  You love things beautiful, 
esthetic, and comforting: art, rich colors, music; a beautiful home; you 
dislike discords of any kind. Your personality can be magnetic; you read 
people and situations well. You respond to love, praise, and appreciation; 
have a strong sense of justice and duty. However, you should be aware also of 
some of your negative potentials: obstinate, interfering, and procrastinating. 
Your element is Earth which represents practicality.

7 => Cancer: There is a strong correspondence between this number and 
characteristics of sign Cancer.  You are quiet, reserved, and low key on the 
surface. You are also independent in your own way and have a unique 
individuality. You can be the loner type. Your mind is analytical, 
knowledgeable (usually well-read); you search for cause and effect in things. 
You like to travel to far off places. Your intuition is highly developed and 
has prophetic qualities. You observe keenly and have talent in writing, 
research, computers, sciences, and the occult.  However, you should be aware 
also of some of your negative potentials: skeptical, pessimistic, cold and 
aloof, fault-finding, afraid, and nervous. Your element is Water which 
represents inner depth and awareness.

8 => Capricorn: There is a strong correspondence between this number and 
characteristics of sign Capricorn.  You have a deep and intense personality; a 
serious-minded and philosophical approach to life. These qualities combined 
with potent ambition and the ability to work hard promise success in public 
life, but you may lead a lonely or individualistic life-style. Once others get 
to know you they will see how caring you can be.  However, you should be aware 
also of some of your negative potentials: hungry for power, money, and 
possessions; fatalistic, oppressive, domineering, misunderstood, and scheming. 
Your element is Earth which represents practicality and methodical ways.

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  5 

9 => Aries and Scorpio: There is a strong correspondence between this number 
and characteristics of sign Aries and Scorpio.  You tend to be a fighter in 
all aspects of life. Your character is bold, courageous, and optimistic; you 
are sure and confident. You like to be the master of your fate, yet you are 
impulsive, temperamental, and hasty at the same time. You do have a gift for 
leadership. However, you should be aware also of some of your negative 
potentials: temperamental, narrow in outlook, impulsive, bitter, quick to 
fight. Your element is Fire which represents intuition, spirit, and energy.

11 OR 22 => Master Numbers are both magnetic and powerful. Number 11 applies 
more in a spiritual sense, whereas number 22 is more tangible and physical. 
The former is associated with the visionary, inventive, idealistic, and 
inspirational qualities. In order to achieve it a person must strive to 
develop a sense of human understanding, wisdom, compassion, harmony, justice, 
and equality. The seeds for these are already in the person. Under the 
Chaldean system number 11 is associated, in contrast, with Warning, Hidden 
Dangers, and Great Trials and Tribulations in life. (Note: Actually both 
interpretations may be valid, for in most instances a person does not reach 
spiritual nobility in a vacuum. It is achieved only after one experiences all 
sorts of trials and tribulations in life.) Number 11 has two 1s: 1 represents 
the Sun person: the powerful, independent, authoritative; 1+1=2 stands for the 
gentle, artistic, and imaginative. Number 22 acts on a more tangible plane. It 
is the master builder: the individual who leaves behind a lasting legacy of 
himself/herself. 22 consists of two 2s which is the 2 in 11. In addition, 
2+2=4 represents planet Uranus or the (sometimes eccentric) genius; the 
bohemian and unusual; quickness or suddenness (of ideas and events)...A 22 
person usually demonstrates a mechanical and analytical mind that can destry 
as well as build. In Chaldean interpretation 22 represents, in contrast, a 
good person who carries a knapsack of errors, illusions, and delusions. Both 
of these numbers offer power that comes at a price.

Birthday Number (Item 2 on Page 1) as Second Life-Cycle Number

1 => Cycle covers ages 28-56. You should start a more productive period and 
assume a leadership position by age 31. You will be attracted to persons born 
in February, April, and August, and ON days (or Adding to) 1,2,4,7.

2 => Cycle covers ages 29-57; important turn of events by age 29. Choose 
friends and environment carefully. Success in fields of computers and 
electronics. Attraction to persons born in May, July, October, and on days 

3 => Cycle covers age 30-57. A period of independence for you. Success in 
arts, religion, or govenment. You will attract people born in March, December, 
April, November, and on days adding to 3,6,9.

4 => Cycle covers ages 31-58. The 1st 31 years may be difficult; things 
increasingly under control thereafter. You will be intrested in unusual 
occupations and attract people born in February, June, August, and on days 

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  6 

5 => Cycle covers ages 32-59. A change to enhanced freedom, variety, or 
travel. Career is emphasized. Success in business, sciences, or literature. 
Attaction to those born in May, June, September, October, and on days 5,6.

6 => Cycle covers ages 33-60. Esthetic things will gain more importance. 
Success in education, counseling, advice, law, and nursing. Attraction to 
those born in March, May, July, October, December, and on days 6,3,2.

7 => Cycle covers ages 25-52. Emphasis on an independent, original, and 
individualistic life-style. Success in writing, music, analysis, and 
metaphysics. Attraction to those born in March, May, July, August, and on days 

8 => Cycle covers ages 35-61. Gradual control of life. Increased intensity and 
concentration. Success in public life, banking, real estate. Attraction to 
those born in January, May, October, and on days 8,6,3.

9 => Cycle covers ages 27-50. Opportunities and your will and determination 
will guide you to success in law, military, medicine, art, or religion. 
Attraction to those born in April, August, November, and on days 9,3,1.

Family Name Traits: (Item 9 on Page-1)

1 - Tendency in the family towards leaders; persons who are aggressive and 
determined. A lot of 'firsts' run in the family-eg, first doctor. Good 
administrators, lawyers, writers, inventors, and leaders. Health problems
include hearing, high blood pressure, astigmatism, and lungs.

2 - Being meticulous runs in the family: living habits, dress, manners, diet.  
Women in these families are held in high regard and often have great influence 
in family matters. Occupations include art, poetry, music, computers and 
electronics, and the food industry. Heath problems include stomach and 
digestive system, diabetes, tumors, ulcers, hemorroids, and the reproductive 
system (women).

3 - Pride, optimism, and ambition (and talkativeness) run in the family. 
Strong desire to succeed. Occupations include government and positions 
involving the public. Health concerns include skin, feet, overindulgence, and 
low blood pressure.

4 - The odd and unusual (and catering to variety) run in the family. Members 
possess mathematical and mechanical talents involving the radio, TV, 
electronics, computers, and gadgets of all kinds. Health concerns include rare
illnesses, moodiness, and depression.

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  7 

5 - A changeable nature runs in the family, including different temperaments 
and occupations. Family members are attractive looking. Occupations include 
the public in some way (such as travel), and also sciences, business, 
commerce, and communications. Health concerns include nervous tension, mental 
exhaustion, paralysis, dizziness, twitching of face, and drug or alcohol 

6 => Family members are generally attractive looking and like to have the best 
of everything life has to offer. There is a strong sense of duty and 
obligation. Number 6 names make fine teachers, nurses, doctors, social 
workers, artists, singers, lawyers...Health concerns include asthma, bronchial 
discomfort, hay fever and other allergies; problems with the nose, throat, and 
upper part of the chest.

7 - The family tends to be secretive and low key. Some members are loners. 
There is a strong need to analyze others. Number 7 names make fine 
technicians, researchers, accountants, computer specialists, scientists, and 
people in religious and philosophical fields. Health concerns include night 
sweats, worry and annoyances, stomach and digestive problems, and pessimism...

8 - Family members generally look older and by temperament have a 
conservative, traditional, solid outlook on life. They are hard workers. 
Number 8 names make fine religious leaders, real estate brokers, bankers, and
administrators. Health concerns include headaches, constipation, rheumatism, 
depression, and problems with the knees, bones, and teeth.

9 - Family members are aggressive, active, and well-traveled. There is a 
strong sense of self-determination. Number 9 names make fine firefighters, 
policemen, military staff, electrical technicians, machinists, and 
construction workers. Health problems generally result from accidents caused 
by the tools of trade.

Your Personal Year,Month,Day Numbers

The interpretations provided in the foregoing paragraphs apply to your 
Personal Year Number. They describe the character of the year in general. The 
same characteristics also apply to the corresponding Month and Day numbers; a 
case of 'Cycle within Cycles' so to speak.

The Theme of Personal Year 1 is Independence, New Beginnings, and Planting of 
Long Range Seeds. A year for new opportunities and experiences. You may want 
to initiate something  (eg, a new life-style, business) on your own or launch 
long-range plans... This also applies to personal and business relationships. 
You may want to get involved with someone new, or reestablish bonds (eg, a 
second honeymoon) in an existing relationship. People in the signs of Leo, 
Aries, and Aquarius are emphasized. If you were contemplating a career change 
or a major move, this may be the time to implement such plans.

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  8 

The Theme of Personal Year 2 is Patience, Companionship, Harmony, Team Work, 
Cooperation, and Understanding. Seeds you have planted in the previous year 
germinate this year. Changes, if any, are likely to be slow. Emphasize 
diplomacy and cooperation rather than assertiveness. In relationships the 
intuitive and nurturing sides of your nature are likely to dominate. 
Nevertheless this is an emotional cycle and you may be impressionable and 
sensitive to events. People in the signs of Cancer, Taurus, and Libra are 
emphasized. Health problems may involve the stomach and digestive system. 
Career changes are likely to be internal (promotion) rather than external. 
Travel opportunities will include short and temporary trips.

The Theme of Personal Year 3 is Imagination, Expansion, Self-Improvement, and 
Creativity. It is a cycle of happiness, growth, and artistic and social 
developments. Your popularity and reputation will increase. Devote time to 
something creative like writing, painting, music... You should be positive in 
attitude and deed under this cycle. There will be plenty of opprtunities for 
love and romance, but they are likely to be flirtatious and fanciful occasions 
(rather than serious) You should be careful with your health under this cycle. 
Stress, overwork, nervous strain, and emotional outbursts and upsets are 
possible. Your career outlook will be bright; chances for a promotion 
outstanding. This is also a good time for traveling to distant parts 
(particularly in Feb/Jun/Jul/Nov).

The Theme of Personal Year 4 is Foundation, Organization, Structure, and Work. 
You need to develop plans for your personal and business dealings under this 
cycle. You will feel boxed-in, burdened, and pressured occasionally. Indeed, 
this cycle suggests emotional, physical, or economic limitations. On the 
positive side these may also serve as inducements for you build a solid 
foundation and structure to your affairs. You should be cautious and 
questioning in all major decisions. Persons who are considered to be unusual 
or Bohemian will be attracted to you. These may include people older than you 
or ones whom you have known in the past. Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo signs are 
particularly emphasized. You need to be particularly careful with your health 
during this year. Since this cycle brings the unexpected and extreme, your 
career may be on a roller coaster path too. Travel opportunities may come 
about unexpectedly perhaps as a result of someone's illness.

The Theme of Personal Year 5 is Dramatic Changes, Freedom, Public Activity, 
and Travel. You will become aware of changes for the better in all of your 
affairs icluding public awareness of you. You will experience all sorts of 
romantic encounters. The tendency here is to attract persons younger than 
yourself, possibly in the signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra. Healthwise 
there may be occasions in which you experience insomnia, nervous disorders,
mental imbalances, or exhaustion. So relaxation is very important. On the 
brighter side, this is considered to be one of the best cycles for improving 
your career and job prospects--especially in Mar/May/Sep/Oct/ and Dec. Expect 
many opportunities to travel.

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  9 

The Theme of Personal Year 6 is Duty, Domestic Activity, Family Life, and 
Responsibility. Activities will center around home, family, loved ones, and 
romantic episodes. You may also wish to further your education. Things 
esthetic will interest you more and more. This is also the best cycle for 
love, romance, and marriage, but also for a major change such as separation, 
divorce, birth, and abortion. People in the signs of Taurus, Cancer, and Libra 
will play a major role. If you encounter health problems, they are likely to 
involve the upper part of your body with particular emphasis on the nose, 
throat, tonsils, lungs, breasts, and heart. Recognition, promotion, or general
improvement in career environment are a part of this cycle. There is praise in 
store. Travel opportunities will be limited.

The Theme of Personal Year 7 is Inner Growth, Sabbatical, Sels-Awareness, and 
Self-Discovery. This is the time when you will want to get away from the noise 
and concentrate on self; where you are coming from, where you are going. 
Secrets about you (or about those with whom you are involved) are likely to 
surface. Since number 7 is a 'loner' year, love and romance are not 
highlighted. If there is an opportunity, however, it will likely be with a 
Cancer or Pisces. Health problems may come about through worry and annoyances 
(particularly in Feb/Jun/Aug/Nov). This is not a year in which you will be 
very productive at work. Most of your energy will be preoccupied with self. 
Frequent short trips to the countryside will calm you. Otherwise you may 
develop interest in far off places and leave for exotic lands.

The Theme of Personal Year 8 is Achievement, Career, Major Moves, Power, 
Recognition. This is the year of 'Big Breaks' for you. You should develop a 
deeper faith in yourself. This cycle is associated with money and career, but 
also with past debts. This cycle has strong ties to marriage, divorce, 
pregnancy, and other types of intimate restructuring. Romantically someone 
older or one with influence and wealth may be attracted to you. You may seek 
to establish ties with a person from the past. Cycle highlights Capricorn and 
Libra persons. Health problems may involve the teeth, bones, kness; frequent 
headaches, constipation, liver, or blood. You may even receive wrong treatment 
for a problem. Careerwise this is one of the best years for making money or a 
name for yourself; gaining recognition for past efforts, or achieving 
authority. Make sure you set large goals. As a rule this is not the best year 
to travel.

The Theme of Personal Year 9 is Completions, Dreams Fulfilled, Endings, 
Inspiration, and Long Trips. This cycle will highlight your desire to let go 
persons, habits, affairs, and conditions that you have outgrown. Develop the 
more humanitarian side of you without expecting payments in return. Since 
number 9 is a universal number, you are likely to become involved, 
romantically and otherwise, with persons whose backgrounds are different than 
yours, possibly in the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Be cautious about all 
accident potentials during this cycle. This includes your driving habits, 
handling of sharp instruments, and anything that can cause fire.

                                                     ETERNAL         : Page  10 

As far as your career is concerned, most of your dreams are likely to come 
true in this Number 9 year. At the same time this is also a time of career 
termination, retirement, or job loss. And, if you have wanted to take a long 
trip to a distant land, do it now.

The Theme of Personal Year 11 is Impressions, Abstraction, Revelations, 
Spiritual Awakening. This is a special cycle for you. You will feel a deeper 
sense of mission and purpose. Ideas and hunches will come to you unexpectedly. 
Write them down and put them into action. You will be more understanding and 
compassionate of others and life in general. Do not be surprised if your 
romantic encounters occur at religious, philosophical, or metaphysical 
settings. Aquarians and Leos are highlighted. In case of health matters, your 
eyes may bother you; you may experience high blood pressure or heart 
disorders. Lung and stomach problems are also possible. There may be 
occasional pessimism and negativity in this cycle. So control such feelings. 
Careerwise this is a cycle which can bring fame, fortune, and friends in one 
package. Be alert and act with leadership, vision, humanity, and humility.
Your travels may cover major distances.

The Theme of Personal Year 22 is Foundations, Large Undertakings, Mastership, 
and Achievement of Power. This is a rare cycle of exceptional opportunities. 
You will be able to put your plans to implementation and with lasting results.
Love relationships in this cycle are more humanitarian and platonic than 
emotional and likely with an Aquarian. The tendency under this cycle is to 
push ones physical and mental endurance to the limit. Therefore, it would be 
wise to pace yourself carefully to avoid illness. You will be able to make the 
most of your business and financial activities. You will be on solid footing.
There should be ample opportunities for travel in this cycle. These will 
enrichen you.

Good Luck, ETERNAL