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The nonsense of erecting a chart for the USA

Page as of Nov. 22, 2001

Nov. 22, 2001

From: "AstroDatabank Company" 

I was asked by of "AstroDatabank Company" to
submit my chart for the USA.  Apparently there was a convention of
astrologers that was dedicated only to the USA chart. Now they are
collecting them, to select the most appropriate. Here is my reply.

Are you guys out of your minds? There is no USA chart!

1)  If you pick an arbitrary date like July 4, 1776, then what about
    the USA that existed before then, all those people who lived and
    fought and died to make the USA a country? They don't count?  That
    the USA acquired the name America on July 4 does not overwhelm
    the fact that there was a land and people there all along.  This
    argument is valid for any date you might pick.

2)  According to the latest harebrained idea, the thinking goes that by
    "personality" Gemini fits the USA more than Cancer.  Really? Let's look
    at this more broadly.  The USA is an Aries country (made of dynamic
    pioneers); it is Taurus (made of empire builders) . . . Capricorn
    (it is the world power and authority) . . . Aquarius (it is a land of
    ideas and ideals) . . . See how all apply, so how ridiculous it would
    be to reduce an entire nation to just one sign?  More about this next!

3)  So suppose you do pick a date, say one that makes the USA to a
    Cancer country.  Now think. Does this make sense?  A country that
    spans ocean-to-ocean, one that has been inhabited by people from
    more than 150 nationalities (of different temperaments), is supposed to
    be JUST a Gemini, Cancer, or Any-Single-Sign country?  As indicated
    in (2), one would think the USA qualifies for all the signs in the
    zodiac. Hence, no birth date makes sense.

4)  This kind of astrologic nonsense began with Alan Leo who, in his attempt
    to make astrology to a quasi God got carried away and began assigning
    signs to plants, rocks, cities, rivers, etc., secure in the knowledge
    that no rock, plant, or river would vehemently object to whatever sign he
    picked.  Noel Tyl built his fame (and book sales) on this effort, and so
    now we have a huge mess on astrologic hands dealing with invented charts.

5)  Indeed, the mess (as of 2002) is much worse and much more wide-spread. In
    the 1990s, to enhance their software sales, Matrix and Astrolabe programmed
    everything imaginable into an astrologic module, which by their mere
    existence became "proven" astrologic techniques. Book publishers like the
    ACS-NCGR in San Diego capitalized on this opportunity to sell more books
    and began printing a book about every overnight concoction as the new
    "revolutionary" theory. Even today, supposedly to promote credible astrology,
    Lois Rodden asks visitors to her web site to post their delineations of what
    things in a chart explain what became of this person in real life, often
    on charts derived from dubious birth info, so as to induce her visitors to
    concoct right outcomes from wrong charts. (See my Celebrity Birthdays page
    for my constructive suggestions.)  Albeit, future astrologers will likely
    conclude that in order to "grab" fame and make money, the astrologers of
    the 20th Century, especially those of 1980-2000, did more damage to astrology
    than all skeptics combined in all years.  The Traditional Astrology that
    attracted all of us to astrology in the first place is now buried in a
    mine-field of Concocted Astrology, which future astrologers must disarm
    one-by-one to get back to Real Astrology. Good luck to them, and I hope they
    can get a copy of my AsterPro (with all my critical research papers) to guide
    them in their endeavor.

Re; the USA chart, I suggest that real progress in astrology will happen when
astrologers themselves start using their brains and common sense.  Take the
chart names out, no astrologer can yet pick Picasso from his chart, or be able
to distinguish between his and any other chart, say that of Ho Chi Minh.  Yet,
here we go charting the USA.  Good luck and forward this email to all on your
list, just in case there are still sensible astrologers left among them.

Sirman (of AsterPro Astrology)