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Astrologic Report on Clinton Impeachment, as of Dec.16, 1998

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Astrologic Report on Clinton Impeachment, as of 12/16/98  (2 pages)

As you know, I use only transits for predictive astrology.  Impeachment is a
process with an approximate starting date. Here is what is happening in the
President's transit chart to the end of Feb 99, concentrating on the slower
moving EVOLUTIONARY planets, as the faster moving ones usually dictate the
mood of daily events.

1) 12/ 1/98 - 12/ 8/98: Nod=26Leo21 (Solar= 1/DC=10)   0 Natal Sun
   12/16/98 -  2/ 1/99:      "                        60       Jup
    2/ 2/99 -  Mar. 99:      "                        90       Mo
    2/ 2/99 -  Mar. 99:      "                        60       Ur
2) 12/ 4/98 - 12/29/98: Sat=27Ari22Retro    9     6  120       Sun
3) 12/13/98 -  1/10/99: Ura=10Aqu 3         7     3  120       Ven
4) 12/14/98 - 12/28/98: Jup=19Pis49         8     5   90       Ur
5) 12/24/98 -  2/ 2/99: Nep= 2Aqu13         7     3  180       Sat
6)  1/ 6/99 -  Mar. 99: Plu= 9Sag19         5     1   60       Ve
7)  1/26/99 ->        : Mars -> Scorpio     4    12

1) First about the Impeachment/COUP Process. It is ruled by illuminating as
well as deceptive, cheating, underhanded, and nebulous NEPTUNE.  While
this impeachment, rather calculated setup and coup, was on the minds of some
factions for years, starting with the backers of Paula Jones, the dubious
appointment of Mr. Starr, the very dubious extension of his jurisdiction
to the Monica Lewinski affair, the really serious effort of impeachment began
after the 11/3/98 elections, after Mr. Gingrich resigned, AFTER Neptune
entered Aquarius, Mr. Clinton's opposite sign, on 11/27/98.

Elaborating on Neptune's cycle, not even astrology works in a vacuum.
While Mr. Clinton too was under its influence during his prior actions,
given those actions, Neptune also triggered a cycle of underhanded measures
against those actions. The republicans realized that they would have to
finish this by the year's end BEFORE the 106th Congress with lesser
republican members took over. So the desire to finish this SOON was NOT
meant to be for the sake of the country, or to allow the 106th to start with
a clean slate. It was a calculated timing to make the most of a lame duck
Congress, despite the likelihood that the 20th Amendment could cancel such
an important vote by a lame duck Congress. The resignation of Mr. Gingrich
was cosmetic in that the republican leadership would now be free of the
excess baggage (and low polls) of Mr. Gingrich before the next significant
step. (I personally rate Mr. Gingrich of a higher caliber than the new
Speaker, but his ouster was correct strategically.) These calculated events
are Neptunian.

2) The coup was already announced underhandedly--as never before--by the
dumping of the grand jury testimony to the internet, to effect the public
mind and reverse Mr. Clinton's polls.  The real triggering of the coup
began with Mr. Starr's testimony, during which, also unlike any other time
in history, he not only presented testimony, but ALSO advocated impeachment.
In other words, the "fair-minded" Congress that was supposedly undecided
until then, was now FORCED to consider impeachment in view of this strong
recommendation by the "INDEPENDENT" prosecutor/judge/jury.  This too had
been decided long ago, but suddenly "impeachment/coup" became a reality.

a) These latter events took place when the NODE was CONJUNCT Mr. Clinton's
Sun, transiting his 1st House of his Position in the world and 10th Location
(DC) House of government, career, goals, standing, dealing with authority.
This cycle ended on 12/8, when the decision to impeach was already set,
though supposedly still "open" in view of the yet undecided.

b) Presently, from 12/14 to 12/28, Mr. Clinton is under the influence of
JUPITER SQUARE his URANUS in 8th Solar House of Forced Changes and Local
5th House of luck, speculation, gambling, wheeling-dealing, negotiations.
His situation is helped a bit, from 12/4 to 12/29, by the retro SATURN
TRINE his SUN in 9th Solar House of Foreign Affairs (Palestine visit, Iraq
bombing?) and Local 6th House of Personal Undertakings. An even better
(lucky) cycle is promised also by URANUS TRINE his VENUS from 12/13/98 to
1/10/99, and the NODE SEXTILE his JUPITER from 12/16/98 to 2/1/99.

c) In context to Neptune and the coup, the above positive and testing
influences will occur under the umbrella when NEPTUNE at 2AQU13, in Mr.
Clinton's 7th Solar House of Alliances and Local 3rd of Communications, etc.
is in OPPOSITION to his SATURN from 12/24/98 to 2/2/99.  This is the duration
of the coup/impeachment in his chart.  The above-referenced Uranus trine
Venus, in the SAME houses, will mellow some of this adversity, as also the
above-referenced Node.  He will also be helped, by a cycle of several months,
when PLUTO is SEXTILE his VENUS in 5th Solar House of luck, and 1st Local
House of worldly standing, beginning on 1/6/99. However, Mars entrance into
Scorpio, his Solar 4th House of Domestic Adjustment and 12th Local House of
something with the past, signals volatile times after 1/26/99.

CONCLUSION: Based on (b) and (c), I would say that despite some hardship,
==========  the coup will NOT succeed, the President will NOT be impeached,
            IF the proceedings END BY THE END of JANUARY 1999, which is
            unlikely. I am still positive, though less so, from 1/26/99 to
            the BEGINNING of MARCH 1999. Thereafter, there is another
            influence which makes me hesitate.
1) From 2/2/99 to March 99, the NODE is SQUARE his Moon, BUT also SEXTILE
   his Uranus.  This in itself is not enough of a deterrent, but a factor.
2) That Mars is in Scorpio after 1/26/99 would indicate some sort of
   turbulence in 4th and 12th house affairs, especially since this begins
   with a SQUARE to the President's Saturn at 2Leo9.
3) On March 1, 1999, SATURN will enter TAURUS and soon thereafter be SQUARE
   the President's Natal SATURN at 2Leo9, also in opposition to above Mars.
   This could signify a cycle of frustration, opposition, obstacles. Saturn
   will traverse his 10th Solar House of Power/Presidency and 7th Local House
   of Alliances. It is this influence by Saturn, combined with Mars, that
   makes me hesitate. Although the above-referenced positive Pluto influence
   will also be active at this time, and although I normally place more weight
   on Pluto, the life restructuring trend of Saturn is not easily negated.
   Indeed, the latter may be noticed already when Saturn is close to the cusp
   of Taurus, even before it changes signs, even before it forms the square.
   (Had this been a Saturn CONJUNCT Saturn, I would be even less optimistic
   astrologically.) So, if the proceedings do NOT end by March 1999, I am
   less sure and will have to run another transit analysis, beyond Feb. 99.

Note: Neptunian deception is often circular in that the deceivers can
====  find themselves as the deceived or self-deceived. For example, it
        may turn out that by year 2000 the public will respond to the
        coup attempt of 1994-98 by removing a large number of republicans
        from the Congress and making certain that they do not recover
        in the near future, while Mr. Clinton rides to the sunset of his
        presidency. This is exactly what happened to Mr. Gingrich after
        the Nov. 3 elections: the master mind outfoxed himself out of office.

Sirman, Dec. 16, 1998, Miami, 1:15 pm.