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Applied Astrology, Predictions

  • IraqWar Date: Oct.1991. Sirman, "Comparative Analysis of the Iraq War of 1991" (HTML + 5 GIF's) - This analysis replaces the hocus-pocus technique proposed by the proponents of the Local Space (who were adamant about selling to the public this computerized nonsense in the early 1990's, so that novices could be mesmerized watching their computer draw meaningless maps on screen) with AsterPro Horary (Timed) Transits. Read and you judge who is more credible. (Expand this file in a subfolder called iraqwar in folder sirman, so that the HTML and the GIF's that come with it do not get mixed with other files by me, if any.)

  • BC1992 Date: 3/17/1993. Sirman, "1992 Presidential Elections: Why Clinton Won over Bush." - This is a 1992 Transit study for both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush. (Text, 6 pages)

  • BC1994 Date: 3/21/1993. Sirman, "Clinton and his Difficulties from Apr. 1993 to Dec. 1993." - This is a 1993 Transit study of Mr. Clinton. (Text, 7 pages)

  • BC1996 Date: 5/6/1996. Sirman, "1996 Presidential Elections: Clinton should win over Dole." - This is a 1996 Transit study for both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Dole. (Text, 9 pages)

  • BC1999 Date: 12/16/1998. Sirman, "Why Clinton is NOT likely to be Impeached." - This is a Transit study for Mr. Clinton for Jan. to Mar. 1999. (Text, 2 pages)

  • Astrology Studies & Papers

  • PAPER0 Date: 5/1/1989. Sirman, "Astrology and Common Sense" (Text, 14 pages) - This is a critical review of popular astrology (and overzealous, frustrated popular astrologers), that, I suggest, have become the worst enemy of credible astrology, even more than the skeptics. The paper also questions the plausibility of the even the most basic input data used by astrologers, like time of birth "accurate to within seconds," etc. This is a must read essay for all astrologers who believe in credible astrology. (It is also the basis of my Spaper2a, Spaper3 below that I published 5 and 8 years later.) I mailed this paper, my FIRST, to 100's astrologers around the world. Some of the responses I received are included at the end.

  • PAPER1 Date: 12/31/1989. Sirman, "A Critical Overview of Gauquelin Statistical Studies of Astrology" (Text, 4 pages) - This is a must-read paper to understand and appreciate the pitfalls of using statistics samples and tests to derive empirical conclusions about astrology.

  • PAPER2a Date: 1/15/1993. Sirman, "Destiny versus Selfwill" (Text, 2 pages) - This is a discussion of destiny as implied by astrology versus selfwill, as in "Man Makes His Destiny" that is almost a religion in USA. Which is more dominant? Read and you judge.

  • PAPER2b Date: 10/15/1993. Sirman, "Popular Astrology, Science or Superstition?" (Text, 6 pages) - This is a critical review of popular astrology (and overzealous, frustrated popular astrologers), that, I suggest, have become the worst enemy of credible astrology, even more than the skeptics. This paper concentrates on the environment that enables scam artists to thrive as "popular" astrologers.

  • PAPER2c Date: 12/15/1993. Sirman, "Dubious Relationships Techniques" (Text, 4 pages) - This is a critical review of the popular techniques for analyzing relationships, from Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs" to Composite Charts, to (idiotic) Davison's Mid-Time/Space methodology.

  • PAPER2d Date: 12/15/1993. Sirman, "Progressions, the Biggest SCAM in Astrology" (Text, 3 pages) - This is a VERY critical review of everything about Progressions, including its original premise and how the nonsense of DAY=YEAR, on which this technique relies, came about. Although AsterPro has 4 types of very detailed Progressions, for users who insist on it, the software cautions about the use of this nonsensical technique.

  • PAPER2e Date: 12/15/1993. Sirman, "Local Space & Cartography Hoax" (Text, 2 pages) - This is a VERY critical review of everything about Local Space, where clever (and good) programmers have conned people into thinking that their map drawing program had anything to do with astrology. Download also the IraqWar paper above for a detailed comparison of this tehnique and AsterPro in practice and get even a better appreciation for this hoax.

  • PAPER2f Date: 12/15/1993. Sirman, "I Ching, Should You Use It?" (Text, 2 pages) - This is a critical review of the basic premises of I Ching. Although it passes as (Chinese) Astrology, actually it has nothing to do with astrology and is more like the Chinese version of reading tea leaves. Western Astrology is much more tangible and superior to it, even for those who think I Ching makes profound sense.

  • PAPER3 Date: 4/21/1994. Sirman, "Applied Astrology, an "Ex.Po.Se." (Text, 43 pages, 65 Kb) - Astrology is inundated with useless concoctions that are sold as viable techniques. Here is a comprehensive coverage of them.

  • PAPER4 Date: 9/6/1997. Sirman, "Astrology and Reality" (Text, 3 pages) - This is a brief but comprehensive overview of the limitations of astrological natal, relationship, and predictive techniques when compared to reality.

  • PAPER5 Date: 1/25/1999. Sirman, "Suggested Research, Transit Cycles" (Text, 17 pages) - Transits (i.e., REAL planets in REAL houses and signs) is the only predictive technique I use. This is an extract from my Sbook3 (below), that illustrates how I use AsterPro Transit output to delineate-analyse-study events in our lives, including major moves, even our migration to the USA. If there is something to astrology, this is really the only viable way of studying events, cycles, opportunities.

  • Astrology Books & Manuals

  • BOOK1 Date: 6/28/1985. Sirman's Book #1: "Applied Astrology, Book of Relationships." (138 Pages) - AsterPro is the only astrologic software that has a quantitative point system for analyzing relationships along several dimensions: Physical Attraction, Mental Compatibility, Spiritual Compatibility, Love & Goodwill, Freeze (Potential Staleness) and Friction Elements, Platonic Component, Marriage (Cohabitation) Potential, and Total Points derived from 1) Interplanetary and 2) Inter-House interaction of the 2 charts. The points are not only stated in absolute numbers but also relative to a sample of more than 100 known and studied relationships. This is a year-long research study I conducted before programming the Relationships module in AsterPro.

  • BOOK2 Date: 10/18/1992. Sirman's Book #2: "Your Guide to the World of Astrology." (364 Pages) - This book has everything you need about astrology, including scams and sample delineations in applied astrology. The contents are timeless.

  • BOOK3 Date: 11/22/2000 (Current). Sirman's Book #3: "Applied Astrology, Book of Transits." (390 Pages) - This file is activated from AsterPro Command Center, with F9. This is my ongoing (current) Transit study, which is like a daily diary but also the most detailed and comprehensive Transit study anyone has performed to date, ANYONE. Transits is the ONLY predictive technique I use, makes sense. It is the basis of my CYCLES WITHIN CYCLES approach I programmed in AsterPro. Read the info on the 1st 2 pages, then admire.

  • BOOK4 Date: 11/14/1996. Sirman's Book #4: "Applied Astrology, Transit Profiles" (69 Pages) - These are examples of the way I brainstorm events thru Transits, though, of course, I do NOT attribute all events to astrology. (For example, astrology is not to blame for a child born with AIDS because the mother had AIDS.) The profiles include 4 full analyses.

  • Karma/Kismet, via Family Diary, et al.

  • LAZ (21 Kb) 1994-97. This is a dying language spoken only by the ethnic group in Turkey that populates the eastern shores of the Black Sea, centered around the township of Arhavi. I completed this extensive research of the Laz people and language with the help of my parents Dr. Cavit Celâyir and Zekiye Sirman Celâyir, who are of Laz origins, and submitted it to various linguistics institutes in USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan that keep track of dying languages. Update= 1/23/1999.

  • My Book, "Diary of an Immigrant Family," in 3 Volumes. 7/4/1997. NOTE: Some of the special Turkish characters may be lost in text version.

  • SIRMAN1 Volume 1, ASSIMILATION, 280 Pages. This is also a thesis of comparative cultures: Karma & Kismet of the East versus "Man Makes His Destiny" of America, and ramifications of these socially & politically. I thought of naming this book "AMERICAN Karma."
  • SIRMAN2 Volume 2, KARMA & IMMIGRATION, 205 Pages.

  • Karma may be a sudden event or a continuing process. This volume outlines our cultural background in context to Ottoman history and predicates why ASSIMILATION (Vol.1) became an issue in our case.
  • SIRMAN3 Volume 3, LOVE & IMPURITIES, 168 Pages.

  • This is a unique coverage of "LOVE" external to astrology, decided mostly by the differences in male & female personalities, role playing, cultural mileau, and circumstances. The theoretical suggestions are reinforced by actual experiences.

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