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AsterPro graphic output was designed in 1989 for the old CGA monitors that were common then. For nostalgic reasons, I decided not to update them to VGA. Though admittedly CGA graphics can never match the refined look of VGA graphics, the substance included in AsterPro graphics, I suggest, more than make up for any deficiency in appearance. (The native files show much clearer on full screen, or when printed.) These graphics files are created with PIC Ext. in \ASTER.PRO\FLORENCE dir. (Actually, they are x.BAS files, not true PICs.) They can be viewed and/or printed from AsterPro Command Center; indeed, they can be also converted to GIFs, as the ones shown here.

Included here are Natal, Location, Synastry, and Biorhythm graphics. The analysis of the Iraq War of 1/16/1991 is presented at the end, using the 2-frame output from AsterPro "Instant Transits," or Horary graphics. Do peruse especially the latter carefully, to really appreciate the detail and AsterPro's credible capabilities.

1. Sirman's Natal Chart

Examine the Natal graphics carefully. On the left, the Geocentric Longitudes of his planets are tabulated, from the Sun at 22Cancer31 to the Node at 6Virgo29. (The "R" next indicates that the Node was retrograde, which is always the case with the Node.)

Accordingly, the inside circle, Sirman's SOLAR chart, is derived from 21Cancer31 at the cusp of his 1st House, reaching to 21Leo31, which therefore includes his Sun, Pluto, Moon, and Mars in the 1st Solar (Equal) House. (As you will see in the Iraq War Analysis later on this page, in predictive astrology, I use Solar Houses, EVEN if the time of birth is known, for events which the person himself/herself instigates, whereas I use the Natal Houses for events that find the person on the receiving end.)

In turn, Sirman's Natal Chart, with his Ascendant at
29Sag42, is shown by the outside circle, using Placidus Houses (of 21 House options). One unique feature of Sirman's chart is already apparent: he has a very balanced chart, with 3 planets in Water, 4 (with Asc.) in Fire, 3 in Air, and 2 in Earth signs, all signs next to each other.

The bordered areas on the lower left and right show the Aspects. The critical ones are (left): Sun Square Midheaven (perhaps why Sirman retired 8 years after he graduated from WVU), Mercury Square Neptune (boundless imagination, but perhaps also an unpredictable and unrestricted mind, the latter also in view of Mercury Conjunct Jupiter), Venus Square Neptune (more imagination, creativity, and Bohemian tendencies), and Mars Conjunct Moon (very temperamental, impulsive, raw sexual, especially since this occurs in the 8th House of Intensity, Sex, Forced Changes). On the right: Uranus Conjunct Saturn hints at profound capabilities, ability to move mountains out of one's way, and a feast-and-famine love-life (5th House). Although much more can be delineated from just these aspects and the houses in which they occur, and from the remaining aspects, it is already clear that this one chart has all the detail one needs for a comprehensive analysis. The data at the center shows the pertinent information from which this chart is derived.

The tabulation on the upper right is also significant. It shows that Sirman has 2 T-Square patterns: between Asc. Mercury and Neptune, and between Asc. Venus and Neptune. (The Cross and Grand-Trine patterns, if present, would have been shown too.) Then, there are 3 Conjunctions at (User adjustable) 10-deg Orb, 3 Oppositions (at 9-deg Orb), 2 Trines (8-deg), 6 Squares, 8 Sextiles, 6 Semisquares, and 5 Semisextiles in the chart. Below this tabulation, the Part of Fortune is shown to be at 23Capricorn49, East Point at 20Cap11, and the Vertex (Center of Gravity of the Planets) at 10Leo43, indicating that Sirman's Cancer individuality, Sagittarius/Capricorn Mask, and Leo (Moon) Emotions are framed by generally Leo characteristics (Vertex).

2. Sirman's Location Chart for Miami Beach, FL

Sirman's Location Chart is a shifted version of his Natal Chart above. Indeed, the inside Solar Chart is exactly the same, meaning that Sirman's basic being is the same regardless of where he is. It is the Natal Chart that is shifted, moving his Ascendant from 29Sag42 in Istanbul to
2Libra25 in Miami. As a consequence of this 87-degree clockwise rotation of his chart, the House positions of his planets have also shifted, from the right side of the chart to the left side, and the corresponding houses. As a further consequence of this rotation, of course, the aspects to the Ascendant (ONLY) have also changed, now seemingly erasing the 2 T-Squares in the Natal Chart above.

It is important to realize that these kinds of shift, especially in later life, when one's individuality and personality are already molded, do not mean an entirely new mask (Libra versus Sag.). Sirman's Sagittarius/Capricorn personality remains, though now projected also thru Libra tendencies and outlook on life. And there is now more emphasis on some other house affairs. In Sirman's case, the emphasis has shifted to the 9th thru 12th houses.

What this all means is difficult to delineate. Foremost, often circumstances alone dictate where most people do live. But even for those few who can choose, it is difficult to pick a place for certain that is "better" astrologically. First, even if some planets thus move to seemingly better houses, other planets may shift to less desirable positions. Then there are practical considerations: should someone move from California to the Amazon just because the planets are seemingly perfectly placed there, regardless of the problems with a new language, culture, environment, etc? Albeit, AsterPro CartoGraphy Analysis can test your chart in nearly 3,000 localities around the world, by selected countries, states, and cities.

3. Relationship Chart: Sirman & Judy

AsterPro Relationship graphics are produced regardless if you run the analysis on screen, write it to hard disk, or in printed form, to accumulate for you a profile of all your relationships. The chart contains all the information you need for a credible appraisal of a relationship. In this case, the left tabulation shows Sirman's planets, the right one Judy's. Accordingly, based on Sirman's Ascendant at 29Sag42, Judy's planets are placed in Sirman's houses in the outside circle, and based on Judy's Ascendant at 27Scorpio57, Sirman's planets are placed in Judy's houses in the inside circle. These are the basis for the Inter-House Analysis.

The Inter-planetary Analysis proceeds thru the aspects between the corresponding planets, in the lower left and right bordered areas. The noteworthy ones are (Sirman's planets are on the vertical scale, Judy's on the horizontal): Sirman's Moon is Parallel Judy's Sun, his Mercury is Parallel her Venus, his Sun is Conjunct her Saturn, his Moon is Conjunct her Moon and Pluto, his Venus is Conjunct her Mars, his Mars is Conjunct her Sun and Moon, etc, and the (adjustable) Orbs by which these aspects are triggered.

Having determined these, AsterPro now activates its VERY UNIQUE feature: the POINT SYSTEM. That is, AsterPro does NOT say, for example, that Physical Attraction between the two of you is STRONG, which can
mean anything you want to read into "STRONG," but it actually tells you HOW STRONG, by the points it develops as it analyses the Inter-House and Inter-Planetary patterns, AND compares the totals, along some 13 dimensions, to the average of points developed similarly for more than 100 tested relationships in AsterPro's logic.

The results (not all) are shown in the chart. For example, it is shown (top left) this relationship scored 766 TOTAL points AS COMPARED to 489 average points for the 100+ relationships in the built-in sample. So obviously this is a very substantive relationship (it was, with my 1st wife!). The chart shows more: (below the left tabulation), the Platonic Component is 346 versus average 242, (below the right tabulation) that Physical Attraction is 158 versus 81 average (thus very potent), and that Marriage Potential is 177 versus 82 average.

But then AsterPro proceeds to detect problem areas, derived from the combination of some adverse Conjunctions, Squares, and Oppositions in the chart, and in the houses these occur. Accordingly, this relationship has potential--ones that are likely to emerge eventually--problems in the 3rd House of Communications and 10th House of Direction in Life. These are shown in the area top right. Indeed, our paths became incongruous (10th House) and Communications between us dwindled (3rd), and we separated eventually, though we are friends to this day. This said, an astrologer should always remember that a relationship chart derived essentially from 2 static natal charts itself is always static. It can only show potentials, not how the relationship will grow, its status at a given time. Transit charts of both parties MUST be examined periodically to see how the relationship might be doing at a given time.

Last but not least, Asterpro has another very UNIQUE feature: a DATING SERVICE module. In effect, if you (a man) have 800 names in AsterPro's Data base and wanted to filter the females by various criteria, such as age, to see who among the selected scored how along the 13 dimensions--like Physical Attraction, Mental Compatibility, etc--Asterpro can do it for you. This can be even a nostalgic exercise, to confirm, for example, that your old girlfriend Jane indeed comes on top in Physical Attraction, but 10th in Mental Compatibility, whereas Mary comes 2nd in the former and 1st in the latter, etc. and is/was perhaps a more substantive relationship potential for you. (I have dated a lot, so I do this occasionally, also to adjust the Point System.)

4. AsterPro Monthly Biorhythm Charts

Since the Biorhythm chart shown here is already self-
explanatory, it does not need comments, except the fact that when this chart shows on screen, you can move a vertical bar across to determine the "Critical" Days.

What is also NOT shown here is that AsterPro can perform Bio runs for one or many relationships, like the Dating Service module mentioned above, to tell you, for example, how the 100 females you dated in the past score on the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual planes. You only need to point to the Record Numbers in the Data Base to tell AsterPro whom to include in the Analysis. AsterPro will do the rest and print a smart report on them, with 3 horizontal bars of varying lengths, and the corresponding percent numbers, for each person.

5. AsterPro Horary Graphics: Iraq War of 1/16/1991

Review: Traditional Astrology and the Iraq War of January 16, 1991

1. Scope and Variables.

The analysis of a problem requires first a definition of the problem and its scope. If "Desert Storm," the war, is represented by a mathematical equation, it reduces to: Y = a (x1) + b (x2) + c (x3), where Y is the dependent variable and x1, x2... are independent variables which contribute to the outcome Y. The factors, a, b, c explain the percentage contributions of x1, x2, x3... to Y.

So if "War" is substituted for Y, the independent variables collectively represent the circumstances and variables which brought about the war. These variables are defined as: x1 = Mr. Hussein x2 = Invasion of Kuwait x3 = President Bush

The events leading to the war must be scrutinized so that the "x" that indeed contributed to the war can be separated from the "x" that are beyond the scope of the analysis. That is, some of the "x" are pertinent to a related but different analysis.

It is true that Mr. Hussein invaded Kuwait and thus instigated the situation. It is also true that he had ample time and many opportunities to withdraw from Kuwait, but he did not. Albeit, Iraq did not attack the USA. While there were people who saw war as a possible option (and many world leaders joined and supported the USA when "Desert Storm" began), the majority of people in USA and abroad, including many congressional leaders, preferred the "sanctions" option. On January 15 and 16, 1991, President Bush was the only person who could ultimately decide: a) sanctions, or b) war

Therefore, as far as the astrologic analysis of Desert Storm is concerned, the only independent variable that needs to be included in the equation is President Bush; rather, his "astrologic state of mind" when he ordered the allied forces to attack the Iraqi forces in Kuwait. Thus, the independent variables x1 and x2 are not directly pertinent to this analysis. The factor "c" becomes "1", implying that Mr. Bush's "astrologic state of mind" was the only determinant of the war. This reduces the astrologic analysis to "Y = Mr. Bush." The reasons, why Mr. Hussein invaded Kuwait, why he did not withdraw... are a different analysis for which Mr. Hussein's "astrologic state of mind" is the pertinent variable. This is not meant to be a historical conclusion holding Mr. Bush responsible the war. Real-life events frequently have their own momentum. For example, "who really began World War I, or how did it start?" may be reduced to a single historical event and date in trivia books, but there were various conditions brewing behind the scenes for years. They, a process rather than a single event, culminated in World War I.

2) Mr. Bush - Natal. Mr. Bush's "astrologic state of mind" at the time of the war was a function of his "natural" inclinations, as shown on his natal chart, and the transiting patterns "acting" on him on January 15-16, 1991. These influences are summarized in the 2 AsterPro Horary charts shown below. But let us first review Mr. Bush's astrologic personality independent from the war. The inner circle in Chart-1 represents the President's Solar chart. Why is the Solar chart more appropriate - in this case - than a natal chart based on his ascendant? There are three reasons: 1) Mr. Bush is at a mature age. 2) A presidential decision to start a war is an option that would tax one's
entire being (i.e., the Sun). 3) He is not on the receiving end of events; rather, he is the person who is about to make history. Mr. Bush's important solar patterns are as follows:

o Mars in 9th house underlines the primary focus of our "foreign policy" president. The Moon in 4th house - in dignity - signifies a fortunate domestic life. For a president, it is also a measure of domestic popularity.

o Mr. Bush enjoys a Grand-trine between the Sun, Moon, and Mars and another between Sun, Mars, and Saturn. The President's Sun is prominently positioned in 10th (natal) house (of government, presidency...) The two Grand-trines describe a flow of energy in which Mars' concentration of effort and Saturn's discipline and ambition are totally dedicated to helping the Sun realize its utmost potentials in 10th house affairs: the president of USA.

o However, the Sun is also in a T-square pattern with Jupiter and Uranus, and Mars in a T-square with Mercury and the Node. The "Sun square Uranus" is an important ingredient. It bestows considerable nervous energy, irritability, aggression, courage, and fearlessness. There is a "short fuse" in this combination. It is a useful pattern for a "quick-action" fighter pilot - which Mr. Bush was younger. It also accounts for Mr. Bush's propensity for physical exercise. The President is not a "wimp," he never was. He is essentially an "action-oriented" man, but he is not "trigger-happy." The "Sun-Mars-Saturn" is too purposeful to allow "Sun square Uranus" to act arbitrarily or on impulse. The President will respond, if he is challenged.

3. Dynamic (war) patterns

The transits are generally used to analyze cycles which affect a person over a period of time. However, they are also indispensable for analyzing "timed" events. For example, a car accident on Ventura Parkway in Los Angeles at 3:12 pm is analyzed using timed transits. These types of events are in the realm of Horary Astrology. The "time of event" used to erect the 2 charts is 18 hours EST. Although the decision to begin the war was probably reached earlier, Mr. Bush could have changed his decision until the last moment. On January 15-16, 1991, when the President gave orders to start the bombing, he was under following influences.

o Chart-1 (outer circle) shows that there were 5 transiting planets in Mr. Bush's Solar 8th house of forced and enforced changes, or war. By January 15-16, 1991 a war with Iraq was imminent. The only other option was to continue with the sanctions. In view of the type of influences affecting Mr. Bush, he was more inclined to choose the war option, unless the circumstances changed drastically (i.e., Mr. Hussein withdrew from Kuwait).

o Of the five planets, Saturn is the only long-term (and deliberate) planet.
The President's "mood," from the time when Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2, was no-nonsense, deliberate, and not inclined to be forgiving - if Mr. Hussein did not withdraw. This is evident from Saturn's position. At 27 Capricorn 32, and retrograde in 8th house, transiting Saturn is in almost exact square to natal Saturn at 25 Libra 50. When the President gave Mr. Hussein until January 16, 1991 to withdraw from Kuwait, he meant it. He perceived the likelihood of a war from the beginning. "Saturn square natal Saturn" is not an aspect of "bluff."

o The transiting Mars was at 29 Taurus 11 in his 12th house, forming an exact conjunction to natal Mercury at 29 Taurus 24 (i.e., "to the point," single-minded, and decisive), and a mild square to his natal Mars at 25 Aquarius 28 (i.e., martial). In view of the aspects in his natal chart, "Sun square Uranus" and "Mars square Mercury," Mr. Bush was a powder keg waiting for a lit match on the eve of January 15-16, 1991. This does not mean the President was looking forward to a war. The Grand-trine, "Sun- Mars-Saturn," in his natal chart guarantees prudence and responsibility. Having granted Mr. Hussein every opportunity to withdraw many times, when it was time to act, Mr. Bush would not hesitate. Mr. Hussein made a mistake by not consulting an astrologer. This author would have told him that, if Mr. Hussein insisted, he should try Mr. Bush another time, not this time.

o While Mars and Saturn were in conflict to their natal counterparts, transiting Mars and transiting Saturn were trine to one another. The decision to attack may or may not have been a wise decision from a historical perspective. However, in the short term, the President could derive a benefit (or at least no unpleasant consequences), for this trine duplicates the one in his natal chart.

o The "lit match" came in the form of a Solar eclipse at about 26 Capricorn, in President's 8th house of war. It was mildly trine to transiting Mars, and (almost exact) conjunct to transiting Saturn. A "Solar eclipse conjunct Saturn" signifies an ominous event of catastrophic proportions, if the conditions are ripe for such an event - i.e., planets do not start wars. The war coincided with this cosmic clock. For Mr. Bush and the USA, the occasion marked an "ominous war." The "catastrophe" came to the other side.

4) Conclusions

Would it have made any difference, if Mr. Hussein had an even stronger chart than Mr. Bush? If a "stronger" chart means a more "prudent" influence, then yes. He would have left Kuwait. But once the war started, Iraq never had any chance against a super power and the rest of the world. Astrologic predictions cannot contradict reality. Iraq would have lost, regardless. A "double" analysis" would be appropriate in situations (e.g., a boxing match) in which the two sides are about evenly matched. The more "physical" chart can make a difference in such situations.

This reasoning and analysis of the Iraq War can be duplicated by any astrologer who practices traditional astrology. A post-facto analysis of an event is not a prediction. Albeit, the steps outlined here are also useful for practicing with predictions. They may succeed or not. They may succeed occasionally, but not always. The important point is that astrologers do not substitute "hocus pocus" for astrology and develop "invented proofs" in ways no one else can duplicate. Compare the reasoning provided here to the approach of "cartography maps" that essentially state that the "Mars Line" caused the war.

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