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Note: All text choices below are in English. Not: Yazılı her şey İngilicedir.
Historical Chronology (1290-1955)
This is an interesting tabulation of Celâyir, Ottoman, and World histories side by side, from the time the Ottomans first appeared on the scene to Dec. 31, 1955, when our family decided to migrate to the USA. The chronology of how and when our branch formed, events along the way, are also listed.
Sirman's Book, Vol.2 (213 pages)
"Ottoman and Our History"
The Volume is presented with page-indexed markers and links and has about 500 Photos. You can also connect to Vol.1 (Our "Assimilation" to USA), Vol.2 (Love & Impurities), and various appendices.
"Discontentment"(5 pages)
This is a synopsis of our assimilation to USA. It was not easy . . .
Celâyir Family Library
As of April 28, 2000
(From Ottoman & Lâz Turkey to USA)

Extended Family

Lâz People-Language (26 pages)
The Lâz language is a dying ethnic tongue spoken by people in and around the village of Arhavi on the Eastern Black Sea, near the Russian border. Our family is of Lâz origins. I composed this article, incl. grammar and vocabulary, with the help of my parents, Dr. Cavit and Zekiye Celâyir. Copies were sent to linguistic institutions in USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia.
Celâyir Clans of Turkey
The name Celayir was adopted by Uncle Bahri in 1934, after he traced our roots to the Celayirliler clan in Mideaval Turkey (which I question; see Book, Index-Page 380). Before that date, we were known in Arhavi as Lotuszadeler, later as Colağişi. (See my Book, left.)
Attours of Jordan & Syria
This is Mother's family from her father Dr. Haşim's side. (Mother's mother Safiye was a Celâyir, and Father's 1st cousin.) All Attours now reside in Jordan and Syria. Dr. Haşim was on the Syrian front (1914-18) against the Arab uprising under "Lawrence of Arabia." (See Book.)